Hawke XB 30 Compact Crossbow Scope

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For those of you who want to upgrade to a better scope for your PSE TAC crossbow, we think the Hawke XB 30 is an excellent choice. It is unique in that its reticle (glass etched) features aim points at 10 yard intervals from 20 to 100 yards. By adjusting the XB 30's Speed Selector you can fine tune the aim points to match with the exact speed of your bow resulting in precise 10 yard aim points.  

The Hawke XB 30 crossbow scope is high performance and crossbow specific. It is quite compact and features an iluminate reticle that can be switched to red or blue and has brightness adjustment. The glass is coated for good light transmission. The XB 30 features a 30 mm tube and is waterproof, fog proof and shock proof. 




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I can't imagine a better way to shoot a xbow 20-100 yds, than with this scope on a TAC xbow. I put mine on a 1/2" riser and moved it even further forward, and in super high rings to get the whisker biscuit out of the sight picture.
With whatever weight tip i shot, i could adjust according to its velocity. I"ve shot 100, 125, 150, 175, 200, and 315 grain tips. Thats 390 fps with 100 grain to 330 fps with the 315 grain tip. just select your velocity on the power ring. zero at 20 yds. and put the proper holdover point on your target from 20 to 100 yards. and your on target.
The hold over points are extremely well thought out. Like the first 20-60 yd + are for just grab it and shoot, and gives a midway point to count to the proper hold over point. The 70-100 yard ^ are for, hey i've got to really steady in and check the level and carefully shoot. And you will have outstanding accuracy. This is an amazing system!!! I gotta say it. I'm happy, happy, happy. haha