Eberlestock X1E Pack (Original "Legacy" model)

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The Eberlestock X1E European model hunting pack is a simple, stout day pack with a built in rifle scabbard. If you prefer the simplicity and easy access of one or two large storage compartments, then the Eberlestock X1E European model hunting pack may be the pack for you.

The X1E European model hunting pack consists of one rectangular main compartment that can be split in half with a built-in velcro shelf creating separate upper and lower compartments. The top of the main compartment is a accessed with a long zipper on the top and sides of the pack which allows the front panel to be opened down to the half-way point for excellent access.  The lower half of the main compartment is accessed with another long zipper on the front of the pack and, again, offers excellent access. The X1E offers a single horizontal compression strap to tighten down your load. As with all Eberlestock packs, there are many webbing points to attach to. 

On the front of the X1E are additional upper and lower storage compartments which are sized well for organizing smaller gear items like range finder, knife, flashlight, etc. The lower compartment has an additional small slash pocket with a clip inside for keys, etc. On the sides of the XiE's main compartment are to sinch-top pockets that are good for carrying hat, gloves, etc. or can be used to carry water bottles. Stout handles on 3 sides make it easy to pick the pack up and especially to pull it out of your truck. 

Rifle shown is a Long Range Rifles, LLC 6.5x284 with Huskemaw Blue Diamond 5-20x50 scope, 13-23" Caldwell bipod, 26" barrel. 

The X1E's scabbard is built starting with the wide mouth military scabbard with a long verticle pocket sewn into one side creating a narrower scabbard still wide enough for large long-range rifles with large optics and a bipod. The bottom of the scabbard is not as wide as the military version so rifles must be carried muzzle-down. The bottom of the scabbard folds up and clips into the bottom of the pack when not in use allowing the top of the scabbard to be used as an additional storage compartment.

The X1E European model hunting pack is built using Eberlestock's NT-7 fabric which is waterproof and, like every other component of Eberlestock packs, extremely durable. Although quite substantial, the NT-7 fabric has a soft and quiet micro fleece exterior and remains supple and quiet in cold temperatures. Although the fabric is waterproof, the overall construction is described as "weather resistant". You may want to add a rain cover (optional accessory) for those extremely windy rains where the water can drive up, under and around the waterproof fabric. 

Color Shown - Hide Open Western Slope

The X1E's harness system uses a rigid frame sheet to provide stability and strength. It does not use additional aluminum stays like some of the larger freight-haulers (Dragonfly, Gunslinger). The back padding is substantial and offers excellent ventilation. The main pad section is adjustable to fit different torso lengths. The hip belt is stout and similar to that of the freight-hauler type packs. 

Capacity - 2900 cu in (including scabbard)

Weight - 5 lbs

Fabric - Eberlestock NT-7



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I use mine for predator calling and couldn't be happier with it. Well thought out design.


Just got back from my first hunting trip using my E1 Euro pack. Using the side pocket that runs opposite of the gun scabbard for my 2 liter hydro bottle worked great. There is more than enough room for a 2 to 3 nite stay and I was able to carry everything I needed to quarter a bull moose. The pack was easy to adjust and carried the weight comfortably. I will let you know how the Mule dear hunt goes. Great Pack, Thanks LRH


Great pack. I lost the 1st one I bought to a sheep guide that took the pack and would not give it back. Well made, balanced, fit great. Great service from Long Range Hunting also. Buy this pack!


Outstanding pack. Can very easily remove scoped rifle and fairly easily return to scabbard while pack is on back. Pack distributes weight very well - best evidence of that is I did not notice increased feel of weight in pack when 7 1/2 pound rifle was added.


Best $200 I've spent all year. Packed my 26" inch barrel rem 700, water, food, two tripods, binoculars, etc. It really seems to distribute the weight evenly and has a really thick layer of padding between your back and the pack. I only used about 50% of the compartments/features on this pack and I was impressed.


Just packed a deer out 2 miles it worked great I love this pack!!!!!!!

"Hey - Congrats Gondini! Glad the pack worked well for you." -Andy Backus-


Loving this pack. I waited until I actually went hiking with it to post a review. The pack is great! With my gun, supplies, gear and food and water it was probably 25-30 pounds and it carried very well. I highly recommend it. I HATE rifle slings, and this is the perfect answer. Tons of space, super comfy, well made. 5+ stars!


First used mine on 12 day hunt for Wapiti in Fiordland NZ.
Very rough:steep:wet country.Used waterproof stuff bags for all internal and external gear,except items on waist belt.Well worth the effort of fitting different types of containers,for knives:binoculars:Rangefinders:torches etc. to belt.Excellent pack to carry all day,ideal for quick access.


the pack is perfect and exactly what the product description showed
the options were exactly as i ordered and the the shipment was 2 days earlier than tracking projected ,how nice is that?
thanks to backus boys


Love the pack, it si great.