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The Eberlestock J34 Just One Hunting Pack is one of Eberlestock's most popular backpacks because it is an extremely versatile hunting machine and a true example of their "Go in light - come out heavy" philosophy. The Eberlestock J34 Just One starts as a lightweight, quiet 2300 cubic inch day pack with the added bonus of carrying your rifle securely in its integrated scabbard, leaving your hands free to glass or climb. After successfully harvesting a big game animal, the J34 Just One pack can expand into a 4800 cubic inch load hauling maching capable of carrying huge quantities of meat, cape, horns, etc. 

The Eberlestock J34 Just One pack's frame system is simple, comfortable and stout. A full framesheet and internal aluminum stays give a very stable load bearing platform. At the same time, the J34 Just One rides extremely comfortably whether loaded to the max or traveling light. The main pad section is adjustable to fit different torso lengths and a generous air space between the pads and the pack body allows for excellent ventilation. The aluminum stays can be formed to your personal shape creating a very custom fit. 

The Eberlestock J34 Just One pack itself is comprised of two main vertical compartments with full-length heavy-duty zipper access as well as top access. In daypack mode the two main compartments are strapped together with the pack's heavy duty compression straps. Break them apart to reveal a large mesh-fronted central cargo compartment designed to allow meat to cool in warm weather. A reversible zip-in solid panel (optional accessory) is available if you prefer a solid fronted pack for carrying gear. Or drop a Spike Camp Duffel (optional accessory) into the central cavity for an even more substantial main compartment. The Spike Camp Duffel gives the J34 added flexibility in that you can fill the central mesh-fronted cargo compartment with meat or gear and then strap the Spike Camp Duffel to the outside using the pack's compression straps resulting in close to 7500 cubic inches of storage. Without the optional Spike Camp Duffel, the J34 Just One pack can expand from 2400 cubic inches to 4600 cubic inches. Riding on top of the J34 main compartments is a top compartment with two separate zippered storage areas. 

A rifle scabbard rides close to the body for good balance and easy access with the pack still on. The J34 Hunting Pack's scabbard is designed to carry a large hunting rifle with large optics muzzle-down. With an attached bipod most hunting rifles will fit but may be a little snug. When not carrying a rifle, the scabbard can tuck into the J34 Just One pack's body and acts as a separate organizational compartment. The scabbard starts with the military sized scabbard but has a long vertical pocket sewn into one side to create the narrower hunting sized scabbard. The bottom of the scabbard is the hunting size and therefore only allows for carrying rifles muzzle-down. The bottom of the scabbard has a zippered clean-out for removing sand, leaves and other debris. 

2300 cu in - 4800 cu in (including scabbard)

7 lbs, 8 oz

25L x 11W x 6D


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Went on a moose hunt in the BUSH Alaska
climbed trees, mushed through muck swamp, plowed through 20ft brush.... performed great, excellent pack, awsome scabbard...


This is my 4th eberlestock back pack....and this is my final one.eberlestock is king among backpacks


Bought this pack for a bear hunting trip in September. I've been giving it some test runs here locally and everything about it seem great. Quality of material and workmanship is first rate. Scabbard has plenty of room for a scoped hunting rifle and the other compartments will hold enough gear for a few nights out. Len and Andy at LRH gave me excellent service and the pack arrived pronto after I placed my order. I've recommended them to several friends and I'll definitely check them out again when looking for quality products at good prices.


The pack arrived as described, though when its it its zipped up mode it does not have much storage, my north face day packs has more room in that configuration. So it left me a little wanting in that department. It holds a camelback hydration system decently, though its pretty tight. I just took the pack on a 3 hour hike this weekend. With all the adjustments it took a bit to get it riding just right but over rugged terrain it performed. Cant wait til i can take it hunting.


Delivered as promissed. I loaded it with all my gear and adjusted the straps. Feels comfotable and stable. Can't wait to put it to field use.


I am very pleased with my Eberlestock J34. This really is the only pack I need. It can carry all I need for a day hike if I am planning on hiking out meat and it can carry all I need for a week long camping trip with the spikes supper duffle inserted in the main compartment that could hold meat. although attaching the duffle to the outside of the pack is possible, this in my opinion would place too much weight away from the body and be difficult to wear. For the most part a well thought out design, excellent overall craftsmanship, and good quality materials. I would recommend this pack to any avid outdoors person. My one complaint about this pack is the compression straps that limit access to the two vertical compartments on the outside f the pack. A caution to potential buyers: I chose the 3 litre hydration bladder with my purchase but the cavity for the bladder is quite small and would better accommodate the 2 litre bladder. I currently only fill my bladder with 2 litres of water.


I absolutely love this pack. Great job by long range staff. I received my pack in 3 buisness days with free shipping and the accessory I ordered as a bonus.

I used the pack in Wyoming this year on an antelope hunt. I ran out of gear to pack into the seemingly unlimited space in this pack and that is without expanding it. The pack is extremely rugged and seems like it will last for a lifetime. This is truly all the pack you will need. Only complaint is that the scabbard is a little narrow and my burris scope and remington 270 barely fit through the width of the scabbard opening. I don't think i'll be able to fit my tactical long range rifle(on order) into this scabbard.


Great pack. I am taking the J34 on an elk hunt this November.
You will not find a cheaper price. Shipping was fast.
Look to LRH for your purchase.


A perfect name for an almost perfect pack. I've spent a considerable amount of time carrying packs for most of my life and I was looking for a smaller pack than my current Eberlestock G4 Operator. After a consultation phone call with Andy, I decided to go with the Just One and have been satisfied with my decision.

It has the same suspension system as the G4, is smaller and can be expanded if I need a larger pack. However there are two things that keep it from being perfect.

First I wished they would have made the rifle scabbard the same size as the G4 Operator. It's smaller and will fit most bolt action rifles (I was able to fit an Armalite AR-30 with a scope) but the fit was tight. It will not hold an AR-15 with a 30 round magazine and scope.

Second, they offset the scabbard to the left side of the pack. Which isn't a problem if you carry the pack on your back, but if you double up because you have a different backpack on your back, the scabbard limits your right leg movement.

Minor points which for many people will not be and issue. If you're looking for a new pack, the Just One might be The One for you.