Eberlestock J107M Dragonfly "Big Mouth" Pack

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The Eberlestock J107M Dragonfly "Big Mouth" Pack is an extremely flexible "Go in light - Come out heavy" pack. The J107M Dragonfly's revolutionary design means you can begin your hunt with a relatively compact, quiet 2900 cubic inch day pack while carrying your large rifle securely in its built-in extra-wide scabbard, leaving your hands free to glass or climb. After a successful hunt, the J107M Dragonfly pack expands to a robust 5400 cubic inches allowing you to carry out your trophy along with the rifle and gear you headed in with. 

The Eberlestock J107 Dragonfly's frame system is simple, comfortable and stout. A full framesheet and internal aluminum stays give a very stable load bearing platform. At the same time, the Dragonfly rides extremely comfortably whether loaded to the max or traveling light. The main pad section is adjustable to fit different torso lengths and a generous air space between the pads and the pack body allows for excellent ventilation.

The pack itself is comprised of two main verticle compartments with full-length heavy-duty zipper access as well as top access. In daypack mode the two main compartments are strapped together with the pack's heavy duty compression straps. Break them apart to reveal a large solid nylon central cargo compartment. Strap a Spike Camp Duffel (optional accessory) to the outside of the pack using the pack's compression straps and increase the overall capacity to nearly 8000 cubic inches. Without the optional Spike Camp Duffel, the J107M Dragonfly pack can expand from 2900 cubic inches to 5400 cubic inches.

Riding on top of the main compartments is a hydration-compatible removable top compartment with its own pull out waist belt, allowing it to be used on its own as a generously sized fanny pack. Removing the top compartment is also a way to minimize the size of the main pack. 

A rifle scabbard rides close to the body for good balance and easy access with the pack still on. The J107M "Big Mouth" Pack's scabbard is wider than the J107 Hunting Pack and is designed to carry a large hunting rifle with large optics and a bipod either muzzle-up or muzzle-down. Carrying large, heavy rifles butt-down can help keep the rifle's weight lower in the pack to be less top-heavy. When not carrying a rifle, the scabbard can tuck into the pack's body and acts as a seperate organizational compartment. 

The J107M Dragonfly Pack is built using Eberlestock's 1000d Cordura Nylon fabric which is waterproof and, like every other component of Eberlestock packs, extremely durable. Although the fabric is waterproof, the overall construction is described as "weather resistant". You may want to add a rain cover (optional accessory) for those extremely windy rains where the water can drive up, under and around the waterproof fabric. 

The J107M Dragonfly version of Eberlestock's "Just One" packs is larger and heavier-duty than the J34 "Just One" pack. The J107M Dragonfly weighs 9.8 lbs while the J34 "Just One" weighs 6.8 lbs. 

Capacity - 2900 cu in - 5400 cu in +

Weight - 9 lbs, 10oz

Fabric - Eberlestock Cordura Nylon


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