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The Eberlestock H2 Gunrunner Hunting Pack is a small, lightweight day pack with an integrated rifle scabbard. If you want to carry a heavy long-range rifle hands free and also carry a day's worth of equipment like spotting scope and tripod, range finder, rain gear, hydration system and your lunch, then this is a great little pack. Much lighter and more compact as a day pack than packs like the J34 Just One or Gunslinger, The H2 Gunrunner has an internal volume of 1400 cubic inches (including scabbard) and weighs a mere 3.5 lbs.

The H2 Gunrunner Hunting Pack consists of a modest main compartment that is about the size of a typical backpacking sleeping bag in its stuff sack. The main compartment is accessed from the top only and has a cinch top similar to a stuff-sack. Inside the main compartment is a hydration bladder pocket and a clip for keys, etc. On top of the main compartment is a top compartment sized to hold your lunch or a handful of smaller items like a rangefinder, knife, game calls, flashlight, etc. The top compartment is also used to compress the pack down via a single vertical compression strap. There are 2 cinch-top pockets on the sides of the main compartment that are good for stuffing hats, gloves, etc. or can carry a couple water bottles. The side webbing on the H2 Gunrunner is designed to accept an A3SB Saddle Bag (optional accessory) on each side of the pack to increase the capacity by 360 cubic inches.

Many of Eberlestock's hunting pack scabbards start with the wide mouth military scabbard and have a long vertical pocket sewn into one side to create a narrower scabbard still wide enough for large long-range rifles with large optics and a bipod. All Eberlestock hunting scabbards are designed for rifles to be carried muzzle-down. The H2 Gunrunner's scabbard is the same size as the other hunting scabbards but does not include the vertical pocket. The bottom of the scabbard folds up and clips into the bottom of the pack when not in use, allowing the top of the scabbard to be used as an additional storage pocket. 

As with all Eberlestock packs, the H2 Gunrunner offers lots of webbing points to attach to. A single horizontal compression strap and single vertical compression strap allow the load to be compressed tight to your body. There is a stout handle at the top of the pack.

The H2 Gunrunner's harness is lighter weight and simpler than many of the larger packs but still offers good padding and back ventilation. The Gunrunner's waist belt is small and light weight, meant to pull your load in close to your body, not meant to transfer much of your load to your hips. 

1400 cu in (including scabbard)

3lbs 8oz

18L x 9.5W x 7.5D



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I bought this pack two years ago and have used it for both hunting and fishing. Leave the scabbard tucked up and pack fishing poles in it while riding dirt bikes into high mountain lakes works great. First off I love the pack for the scabbard, packs great, tight to your body and a 9-13in bipod will fit as well. There is a warning to not holster or unholster a rifle while wearing the pack but it is easily doable and convenient. But that is where the love for the pack ends. I along with most other people wish this had a frame. The pack size isnt quite big enough to pack out meat and it doesn't have the support from a frame like it should, so I find it almost a waste of space being one large compartment. If it doesn't have a frame I would rather have multiple pockets to store items in. But those are my opinions the pack is tough I will say and the fabric quite. I probably just didn't pick the right pack for my needs. However I don't think I could use a pack that didn't have a scabbard on it after using this one. One of the best ideas ever in my opinion.


Rec'd this Gunrunner H2 Pack in 3 days from Long Range! I really like the pack for a day pack. I am 58 years old and have many bad disc's in my back and that limits what I can haul and this pack provides plenty of room for all my needs. The rifle is fairly easy to grab, and carry's Very nicely in the center of my back. The rifle can slip around a bit with an empty pack making a light noise against the fabric lining but simply slipping a hand towel or piece of light clothing in with it takes care of that. Great pack for the money ! It will be going on a fly in moose hunt in Oct for the real test!


Great pack. Perfect size for my needs. Carry's rifle w/bipod and all other necessities for a day hunt very securely and comfortably. Andy and Len are great to do business with as well. The morning after placing my order I talked to Andy and changed the accessory I had originally ordered. Still received the pack in 3 days.


Great quality pack small and lean for those times you need to be quick and/or don't want to carry a lot. Love the back support - only wish a top to the rifle "pouch" portion of the bag was integrally sewn into the pack. You can purchase one separately though. MOLLE straps on the front, top and sides allow for more pouches/customization. I rate it just below excellent (highest rating available) due to the non-existence of an integral gun cover, but the quality is great! Very happy purchase - first eberlestock pack - will definitely be getting more! (Larger for other purposes)


Ordered this pack for Coyote Hunting so I can pack both a rifle and shotgun along with all my gear. Great pack and GREAT service from LRH!


Great pack and great service from LRH!


I think I keep her!
For my birthday in February my wife bought me a lifelong dream (I’m 58) elk hunt this October. And then she bought me the Eberlestock H2 Gunrunner Pack for Father’s Day. Out of the box I’m totally impressed with quality of workmanship and the quality of the materials. This pack supports Len Backus’ goal of providing quality products for the long range hunter.


Well made like other Eberlestock products. My rifle and scope weight is 12 lbs and was just too much for this pack without a frame. The small shoulder straps started digging in and hurting my shoulders. Also the waist belt could be much wider. Will probably use for small game hunting instead of elk. I also have the X2 pack and it is wonderful.


This is a great pack! My LR hunting rifle is a 13 pounder. This pack carries it nicely, even with the bipod on. The pack portion of the pack is just the right size for a small day pack, and the ability to attach saddle bags makes it even better. I rated it a very good instead of excellent because if the waist belt were adjustable, like the heavy velcro adjustments my backpacking packs have, I could custom fit the back and it would bear weight even better.


Great pack, well made and shipping was on time. Although shipping is not free to Canada.