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The Eberlestock GSO5M Gunslinger Pack is perhaps the best known and appreciated of all Eberlestock packs. At 3150 cubic inches, the size of the Eberlestock Gunslinger gives it the flexibility to work well as a larger size day-pack or as an overnighter. Military, law enforcement and hunters can all appreciate the Gunslinger's durable construction, convenient layout and oversized rifle scabbard. 

The Eberlestock Gunslinger consists of a generously sized main compartment that has a tall, narrow shape resulting in a compact feel to the pack even thought it is capable of hauling a good sized load. The main compartment can be accessed from the top with a sinch-top similar to a sleeping bag stuff sack, and from the side with a full-length zipper. The Gunslinger's upper compartment is quite large and is used to lash down your load with a single verticle compression strap that connects to the bottom of the pack. 2 more horizontal compression straps give you the ability to quickly lash on bulky gear or to really compress your load.

Because of its simple shape and relatively tall sides and back, the Eberlestock Gunslinger is especially well suited to adding additional pouches and saddle bags. Like all Eberlestock packs, the Gunslinger is loaded with webbing attachment points. The Gunslinger is designed to hold two 3-Liter hydration bladders.  

The Gunslinger's scabbard has the larger military opening at the top but the narrower bottom like you'll find on Eberlestock's hunting pack models. This means that you can carry just about any type of rifle, including AR types, but you will be limited to carrying your rifle muzzle down. The bottom of the scabbard features a zipper access for cleaning out debris and the scabbard folds up into the bottom of the pack when not in use. The Eberlestock Gunslinger includes the matching butt cover.

The Eberlestock Gunslinger's harness system is similar to that of the larger freight-haulers with ample padding and a stout waist belt. The harness and waist belt are fully adjustable (vertically) and also removeable. A solid frame sheet gives the pack some stiffness and rigidity to help transfer the load to your hips.

2700 cu in (including scabbard)

5 lbs, 6 oz

22L 10W 7D

Includes matching rifle butt cover



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Wow what a pack. Everything I thought it would be. Yes, its not cheap like dept store packs. This is a piece of equipment that I would take anywhere in the world. It is made to be used. Thanks to Andy for talking me through the process of picking out my Gunslinger. I am still smiling every time I see it. The quality is superb. Thanks guys


Hi len,
The bag arrived, far better than I thought it would be, really good value and great service from yourself. It took longer to get the 80 miles from the airport to me than from you to Manchester. Shall be looking at your store in the future, and letting others know about you.
Kind regards


I have been searching for a BOB type bag that can carry a rifle for some time and had finally settled on the Gunslinger from Eberlestock and started searching prices. This is the best price I could find, and with free shipping and a free accessory you really can't go wrong. First off- on some sites it was hard to tell if the Original Gunslinger came with the top scabbard cover or not- this one does so don't worry about that.
First impression: WOW! What a well made bag. It makes my old ALICE pack seem cheap in comparison. The MOLLE attachments mean no more metal clips! I am 6 foot tall and the height adjustment for the shoulder straps is a huge plus on this pack. I haven't gotten a chance to do more than get it on and adjusted, but I can already tell it has more capacity than my medium ALICE and will be a lot more comfortable. This pack will probably last me a lifetime and so now I just have to spend time getting accessories for it and getting it set up for maximu potential. Thanks!


A great pack, Eberlestock makes a awesome product, the durability, size and design is great. It holds twice as much as the old pack I had, great setup with pockets, straps, frame. Highly recommended, will definitely order another one. Rifle fits and covers great in it. Fast delivery.


A great product for a great price! Eberlestock provides exellect quality and design. I have used this same product before for long range hunting in Europe while skiing. When You ski or walk in difficult terrain you definetely appreciate Eberlestock's gun scabbard.
A free accessory and very quick delivery.