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The Eberlestock G2 Gunslinger II pack has been one of Eberlestock's most popular large-rifle carrying day packs. The newest version includes the Intex II aluminum frame. At 2700 cubic inches of storage capacity the Eberlestock G2 Gunslinger II pack is also capable of carrying several days worth of bivy gear or a boned-out antelope, deer or sheep.


The Eberlestock Gunslinger II consists of a main storage compartment that is taller and slimmer than most packs of this size resulting in a more compact, close-to-the-body feel. The main compartment of the Gunslinger II pack can be accessed from the top through a cinch-top similar to a sleeping bag stuff-sack, or from the front with a full-length zippered access panel. The interior of the main compartment of the Gunslinger II contains dual hydration sleeves and 4 lightweight, elastic topped organization pockets near the bottom. Rows of PALS webbing all over the main compartment interior give the Gunslinger II unique opportunities to organize gear by attaching it to the insides, or attaching accessory pouches inside for a customized organizational system. There are 2 small cinch-top pockets on either side of the exterior of the main compartment perfect for stuffing gloves or hats or to carry a couple water bottles. 


Riding on top of the main compartment is a top compartment with dual compression strap buckles used to compress the main compartment load down. The top compartment has some unique organizational features of its own including a waterproof, fleece-lined pocket perfect for glasses. Inside the main top compartment are several pockets including 2 padded pockets with elastic "keepers" perfect for ammo clips or your pda. A large zippered pocket and key clip as well as 2 more stuff pockets and 3 pen sleeves give lots of spots to stow your smaller items.


The Gunslinger II uses 2 horizontal and 2 vertical heavy-duty compression straps to tighten down your load or lash on large, heavy loads like elk quarters. As with all Eberlestock packs, there are many PALS webbing attachment points all over and even inside the pack.  


The integrated military-sized scabbard is wide enough to handle bulky black guns or rifles with extremely bulky optics. It also has the wider bottom allowing rifles to be carried butt-down (sometimes results in lowering the overall center of gravity for a better-balanced load). A zipper on the bottom of the scabbard allows for cleaning out sand and debris. The scabbard on the G2 folds into the bottom of the pack and is secured by a buckle. This configuration is good for shorter weapons and other gear. It's also a great place to carry a laptop computer. The Gunslinger II includes the GSTC Butt Cover allowing you to fully enclose a rifle up to 60" long.

2700 cu in (including scabbard)
8.2 lbs
22H 10W 8D


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Thanks guys for all of your help. This is an awesome pack, I've used it for hunting a couple of times now, and even used it as an all in one range bag. Second to none.


Great pack and very well put together size is just right and the option to carry my rifle in it is what I was looking for. It would be hard pressed to find a better made pack! Thanks Len for the quick service on shipping this is the second item I bought from you i won't hesitate to buy again!


Great pack. I combined my 3-day pack, one other back and my rifle into this one. Heavy though once its buckled on I can jog with it.


Excellent piece of gear. Well built, with plenty of space and very comfortable to carry even if fully loaded. A tactical gun with 24" barrel fits perfectly inside fully concealed by the included cover. Highly recommended.


Solid built with lots of room and lots of webbing for attaching other items. Very comfortable even with heavy loads.


The Eberlestock Gunslinger 2 pack and saddlebag.
Trying to find a pack that allows you to carry a gun comfortably has been a bit of quest for me. Over the years I have found that they consist of something that pulls the pack to one side, away from you or are just plain cumbersome and are just more trouble than they are worth.
The Gunslinger is amazing, truly startling even if you ignore the quality of build. The videos on YouTube and even the blurb from Eberlestock don’t do this pack justice. You can carry a gun in it but you can do so much more. I need a versatile pack because I don’t have the hunting opportunities you do in the States, its expensive and because of the hysteria surrounding guns land for hunting is getting restrictive.
So my pack has to pay its way and do lots of things and this pack will.
It will carry my guns fully enclosed so I don’t get arrested because the gun isn’t in a case if I am crossing a public highway or land. I can carry any size gun I want.
I can pack my fishing rods when hiking to mountain lakes, fully made up when moving to a different spot.
My large Nikon spotting scope and heavy birding tripod fit very snugly and are a breeze to carry. Same with an SLR camera and tripod.
It’s on the heavy side for a daypack but it works because you can synch it right up, and it’s so comfy and well balanced the weight doesn’t matter.
The compression straps are so long and the closing system is so clever I can pack a large full North face duffle to the outside. I can carry a load of firewood.
I have discovered that if I attach the two saddlebags I bought (one a freebie thanks to LRH), I could carry 12 litres of water should I so wish.
If I put an unpacked 2 man tent which fits in the scabbard, I can do multi day walks and with all that hydration I wouldn’t have to look for clean steams which don’t have domestic sheep near them (liver fluke).
The quality of this pack is beyond my expectation; the material, the stitching and the zips are the best I have seen.
The side handles are great because I can take off the harness plop it into the top half of the scabbard and I have a holdall.
Everything about this pack is well thought out and put where you want it. I can expand capacity with molle compatible bags or pouches or I can have a few things in it and make it small. Its big enough to do what I want but not so big that I overfull it with junk.
This isn’t a tactical pack, hunting pack or even gun nuts pack this a multi use pack for any outdoorsman.
I have had this pack for three days and I have played with it for hours. Compared to us Brits you men of the States are spoilt when it comes to shooting and buying gear, including shipping (far cheaper than Cabelas) and import duty, this pack was less than half the price I could get it for in this country, and Len at LRH gives freebies too.


only got to use the pack for a couple of days. we went four for four on 6x6 bulls in two and a half days. pack is extremely well made and comfortable to wear. fits plenty of gear inside. a rifle with a 30 inch barrel and break sticks up pretty high but is way better than carrying it. look forward to archery with it