Eberlestock ButtBucket with Ripcord Tether

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The Eberlestock ButtBucket is a universal bow and gun carrier that can be added to any Eberlestock pack. The included Ripcord tether system allows you to strap the top of your bow or gun to your pack while still being able to draw your weapon quickly and quietly.

The Buttbucket and Ripcord are espcially popular for packs that do not include a built-in rifle scabbard, such as the Blue Widow, X2 and HiSpeed.  The ButtBucket also works well when added to packs with integrated rifle scabbards - allowing you to carry another weapon in addition to your rifle. 

The Tailhook and X1 include an integrated bow carrier so a ButtBucket would be redundant. 

Weight - 10 oz

Fabric - Eberlestock NT-7 Hunting Fabric, Eberlestock 1000d Cordura Nylon


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Price was right and the quality is the best. This set up works great with
The eberlstock packs as well as military mole packs. There is not a finer