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I use Shawn's cheekpiece because it makes my cheek weld more consistent in real hunting situations. - Len

Defensive Edge Cheek Piece

Defensive Edge Cheek Piece for the Rem 700 PSS, Sendero HS Precision stocks, MIA Factory stocks, Winchester Varmint and many others. Black in color

The cheekpiece is adjustable up to 1 inch and weighs less than 3 oz. Black color. Easily coin adjustable, requiring no tools. It is solid, strong and installs in minutes.

The following is excerpted from "Fitting The Long Range Rifle" By Shawn Carlock, of Defensive Edge.

Cheek Weld

This is a key issue for field shooting. Some benchrest shooters would argue about cheek weld because they shoot insane groups with no cheek contact at all. That is fine on the bench but field positions are a huge difference from the bench.

cheek weld

The cheek rest portion of the stock should be parallel to the bore of the scope.

alignment with scope

If it is not, if it drops in the front or rear, it is nearly impossible to get the same height to the scope by virtue of the fact that any given point on the cheek rest is a different height in relation to the scope. All it takes in conjunction with an angled cheekpiece to ruin a shot is a field condition or fitting issue that places the face in a slightly fore or aft location, thus changing the eye’s position with the scope.

If you keep these axes parallel, it helps to minimize some differences in shooting positions. I adjust cheek height by mounting the rifle with eyes closed, then opening them to see where I am at. When it is properly adjusted, I can close my eyes, mount the rifle from or in almost any position, and see the same sight picture when opening them. It is important to note that if you have to move your position or head even the slightest bit, that you are not properly adjusted. Ultimately, when properly fitted, you should be able to be in position for long periods of time without getting neck fatigue or being uncomfortable.

angle difference between bench rest & prone

In the above photos you will see the difference in the angle from the eye to the scope. Even though there was a clear sight picture in both photos, quite clearly you’re not looking through the scope the same. All that is needed to correct this is to raise the cheekpiece for prone slightly and change our bench technique slightly so it is the same. Once you feel you have it correctly adjusted, go to the range and shoot from the bench, and follow those shots up with shots from prone to confirm there is not variation in point of impact.


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Just installed on my sendero, made a huge difference. I can spend lots of time behind my scope without neck fatigue. Great product.


This worked out very well for me. It is a little high priced for what you get, but it's a good product that works as designed. It would be nice if there were a few color options available, but I'll just paint it.


Great product! Easy installation. Provides perfect eye relief through my scope.


Installation was easy on my Rem 700 Sendero 300WM. Be sure to take the time to "measure twice ...." The design is simple, but there is one drawback for which I had a remedy:
I understand why the bolt heads are flat: the designers did not want the device to snag clothing; BUT, you need to carry a wide slotted screw driver or large coins to repeatedly lower the cheekpiece if you are seasoning a new barrel or making minor adjustments when changing position! Raised serrations or low profile protrusions on the bolt faces would help. The current set-up has both bolts free to turn, which is cumbersome.
My fix? I swapped out the hardware for a 2 blackened carriage bolts which I inserted from the shooter's side, and placed 2 low-profile black delrin woodworkers jig-fixture knobs on the off-side with black washers over the kydex. This way, I can quickly adjust the cheekpiece, get it out of the way for bore cleaning, or reset it for changes in position without having to fidget in my pockets for coins.
The Kydex is smooth. I will see how it works over time. I might apply a thin leather patch.....will wait and see.
[The jig fixture knobs (Rockler or similar woodcraft stores) have brass inserts that are threaded to receive the bolt securely. I blackened the bolt face with Birchwood Casey matte gun touch up paint.]
"repeatedly lower the cheekpiece if you are seasoning a new barrel"

I assume you mean if you clean the barrel often and need to remove the bolt to do so. Why not do as I, cut off a short section on the front of the cheekpiece so when removing the bolt, it does not bump into the leading edge of the cheekpiece.


This cheekpiece is great! You must be as good with a drill as you are with your long range work to be successful at installing this yourself. New drill bits, careful measuring and numerous pauses in drilling to check the fit for the through bolts is required. The hardware is top quality! After drilling the first small diameter holes as directed the next bit size up felt like it wanted to crack the hs precision material. I opted to use the edge of the bit like a dremel tool to carve the hole to the proper diameter. Installing this properly takes precise care so be prepared as you cut holes in your high dollar stock. But it sure does the job perfectly once you're all set up. Thanks Shawn for the great product!


I installed this cheeckpiece on my Remington Sendero. Install was easy, and the product is very comfortable. Haven't taken it into the field yet, but I can't see the Kydex failing. Very good upgrade if you want an adjustable cheekpiece.