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ColdBore is one of the most popular and probably THE most robust of the ballistics software programs used by the more serious LRH crowd. Its developer, Gus Ruiz, is a long time LRH member having written a key article on ballistic software for the site. -- Len

Stand alone Desktop or Mobile Editions -- Now available only here at the LRH Gear Shop.

ColdBore Desktop & Mobile editions© are designed as a set of tools, herein called Modules, in order to conform a specific-purpose software suite, where feature-based integration is the key design concept. A comprehensive, accurate and practical software solution for the reloading and ballistics enthusiast. With just one focus : to cover in a single package all the necessary tools that a challenging user is looking for. Its main purpose is to help the centerfire metallic cartridge Reloader / Shooter / Hunter with the most common tasks often involved in shooting which implies to be able to predict accurate exterior ballistics, developing a load or analyzing and storing field data, as well as searching for tested loads.

Now with a special arrangement, Long Range Hunting Gear Shop is exclusively able to offer the Desktop and Mobile Editions separately at great savings for those who have no need for both modules. To learn more about the ColdBore Software go to the following link. Then come back here to make your purchase as the developer's site does not offer the individual modules. Upon your purchase I will email you the link for downloading.

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The portable edition was not compatible with my IPAQ 210. Patagonia spent two days with me getting it straight. This included their call to Microsoft as a prelude to programming and delivering an extensive patch unique to my device; in all, likely 15 to 20 hours of work on Patagonia's part. I have never experienced this type of software customer support. The program works perfectly now. I would recommend these folks and their software to anyone.


LoadBase Desktop and Mobile are the best external ballistics software packages available today. I've tried most everything and LB is the best.

Gus's customer service is second to none. He's great to work with and is constantly updating both packages. Try it, you'll be a happy camper if you do.