MagnetoSpeed has caught the shooting chronograph competitive field flat footed. MagnetoSpeed has simplified and improved all aspects of tracking the velocity of  shooting projectiles. And it has done so with a smallish, reasonably priced, very high quality device.

Accuracy equals that of its top competitor which is priced at roughly double that of the MagnetoSpeed V1 or V2 Chronograph. In fact I am selling my Oehler unit in favor of this new kid on  the block.

Unlike all other units on the market, the MagnetoSpeed unit does not require aiming wands or ears for shooting alignment. There is no tedious setup dealing with 12 foot long cables nor any need for a tripod mount. It mounts simply to the end of the barrel. Changing lighting conditions are a non-issue. No more failure to read accurately as the sun angle changes.    -Len Backus-

MagnetoSpeed V3


MagnetoSpeed V1


MagnetoSpeed V2