Caldwell XLA Pivoting Bipods WITH BIPOD LOCK INSTALLED (U.S. Ship Only)

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After years of using Harris bipods I am on my THIRD hunting season using the Caldwell version. I couldn't be more satisfied with the quality for half the price. We are now offering them with an INSTALLED BIPOD LOCK. I wouldn't be without a bipod lock to eliminate canting errors. Remember that a 6 degree canting error results in a 12 inch horizontal shooting error at 700 yards with most common flat shooting rifles.
This is the notched leg, pivoting version. This means you can make one handed leg height adjustments and you can easily rotate the legs' angle to match topography while checking your scope level.
-- Len.

caldwell bipod

The Caldwell XLA Pivoting Bipods with notched legs provide a stable shooting support that conveniently attaches to almost any firearm with a sling swivel stud. The lightweight aluminum design adds minimal weight and deploys quickly, with legs that instantly spring out to the shooting position with the touch of a button.

The legs are notched for easy indexing to a specific height. There is a connection point for sling attachment and multi section legs that collapse forward allowing for convenient carry of the firearm. Soft rubber feet provide enhanced stability, while the padded bipod base protects the firearm's forend.

In the real world of hunting, the chances of the ideal shot opportunity occurring while on a level ground are slim-to-none. A pivoting bipod will allow the shooter to compensate for ground that is unlevel by up to 20 degrees. The lower portion of the bipod pivots independently from the upper stock mount, allowing the firearm to be quickly leveled on uneven ground. The tension knob can be adjusted to control the resistance of the pivoting motion.


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Great product and a great price ! Will purchase again ! Thanks Len .


Have not tried the bipod yet but the service from LRH has been outstanding!

Len Backus from LRH responded to this review:

Thanks Harold. We really pride ourselves here at the LRH Store on great service.


I purchased both the 6-9 inch and the 9-13 inch bipods mainly to assist my shooting positions as I get older and my body isn't bending as easily as it used to. I apologize to those of you who are "mechanically" inclined and can look at a piece of equipment one time and figure out how it works and how all the parts interact with one another. I am NOT one of those kind of people and if it weren't for instructions I would be lost! These bipods are well made, sturdy and the moving parts move smoothly and the locking parts lock firmly. There is an insert note in the package that is essential in making the locking feature function properly, and once figured out, (it took me a while to read the insert!), the lock works perfectly. I installed the bipod and extended the legs to each position on the extension and put downward pressure, (not tons, but more than an average shooter would put on a bipod), on it in each of the positions and it did not budge at all. The rubber feet are nice and don't allow scratches on floors and hold well on benches. The bipods are lightweight, but very strong. I have not taken them into the field yet, but at the range I used the "canting" feature, moving the rifle back and forth and adjusted my shots and after just a bit of practice the movements became almost automatic and effective, shooting at both 100 and 200 yards. Overall, a very good product, just remember to READ THE INSERT INSTRUCTIONS!!


For the price and with the installed pod lock it is a very good alternative to the harris bipods.


I like Caldwell bipods and the lock feature is fantastic. I will probably get another soon. Thanks Len for quality products

Len Backus from LRH responded to this review:

Thanks Heavy wall. We try hard to find unique products that we feel totally confident our customers will be happy with.