Bullseye Target Camera System

I have been using the Bullseye Camera System for a while now. It's very nice to not always have to drag heavy steel targets out to typical long range distances,

The Ammo Can Edition was designed specifically for tablets and phones which have weaker internal antennas than laptops. The Ammo Can system includes the Base Station Receiver/Signal Extender which stays by the shooter to catch the signal from the camera and broadcast it to your tablet or phone. It works great with a laptop too. The fact that the system is built into the ammo can makes it nice and portable and simple. It's a little tougher to get the camera lined up on the target since there is not a tripod, but not bad at all.

I have personally used the original Long Range Edition. It comes in a nice case but you pull several pieces out of the case to set them up. The tripod makes aiming the camera at the target simple. I did have some trouble with high-voltage power lines causing interference so I added the Base Station Receiver/Signal Extender which solved the problem.


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Bullseye Target Camera System


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