Bullseye Target Camera System - Elite Edition

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The Elite Edition includes an Acer Aspire One laptop.

The Bullseye Target Camera System solves the age old problem of difficulty seeing your shots on target, especially at long range. Shoot as many times as you want and the Bullseye system shows all of your shots on your laptop screen plus the most recent shot flashes. You can even tag individual shots to identify individual shooters, ammo or groupings. The system can also display on your I-Pad, I-Phone or Android phone or tablet. 

The Bullseye system allows you to:

  • Clearly see your target and each and every shot
  • Mark, color and number shot groups
  • Review previous shots and shot groups
  • Log data for each shot such as firearm, ammunition, shooter and distance
  • Create shooter profiles including name, firearm and ammunition
  • See information such as signal strength, camera active and shooting distance

 CLICK HERE to read a feature review article of the Bullseye Target Camera System by John Johnston.


  • Complete camera system w/Night Vision and Laser Target Identifier to align the camera to the target
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack w/charger (5-6 hour run time)
  • Router with 500+ yard or 1000+ yard high gain antenna and signal booster
  • Tripod and all required connectors
  • Bullseye Target Manager software package for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Secure Carrying Case
  • Includes 11.6" Windows based Acer Aspire One Laptop

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about our system. If there is a question that is not answered, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer your question promptly. Contact us at support@bullseyecamera.com

Do I have to use a special target for the system to work?

Absolutely not! You can use any type of target, commercial, hand drawn, piece of plywood - anything that can be punctured typically will work!

How far out can I shoot - can I reach one mile?

We have tested the 1000 yard long range edition out to 1790 yards (just over a mile) under ideal conditions. This means true clear line of sight, with no power lines crossing the shooting path and no obstructions. If you desire to shoot farther than one mile, we do have our YAGI antenna upgrade which can reach up to 3000 yards.

How far away can I place the camera from the target?

In a typical setup you would place the camera 4-8 feet back and between a 30 and 45 degree angle. There is usually no risk in shooting the camera as it can be out of the way of your target.

The software has a zoom feature so you can zoom into the actual target and then zoom out to see the surrounding area. For example if you are shooting long distances and have a target, or several targets, on a piece of plywood - you can pick the area you are looking at - this is all controlled via the software. You never have to re-visit the target until you are done shooting!

Will this work on my iPhone, iPad or Android Device?

Yes! CLICK HERE to get the free I-Phone/I-Pad app from the Apple Store. CLICK HERE to get the free Android app from Google Play.

How long will the batteries run the system?

The batteries typically last from 4-6 hours of use. The system comes with a charger to charge the battery pack.

How difficult is the system to set up?

The Bullseye Camera System is incredibly easy to set-up. You can set it up and have it running in under 5 minutes. You simply place the camera on the tri-pod, point it at the target and align it using the built in laser, then plug the router and camera into the battery pack, wait for the "green lights" and then head back to your shooting location and run the Bullseye Target Manager software - it's that easy!

What is the difference in the 500 and 1000 yard systems?

The 1000 yard system comes with a larger battery, booster power cable and signal booster. There is literally no additional setup.

What happens when you update the software and add new features? Do I have to pay for those?

We offer free software upgrades. You will be able to download those directly from our website at anytime.

What is the warranty period for the system?

We offer a one year manufacturers limited warranty. 

Do I need cellular or Internet Service for the system to work?
You do not need cellular or Internet service of any kind. The system can be used in the middle of the desert or anywhere you wish. The system generates its own WIFI Hotspot that your laptop connects with to transmit the camera images. The included software handles everything for you!


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