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Ballistic Software, Books

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Holland's Ultimate Data Card Software

CODE: 1301

Holland's Ultimate Data Card Software allows you to create a DATA CARD that provides the shooter with all the information necessary in the field. Target size for rangefinding in MILS or MOA, Drop in MOA or MILS, Drift in MOA or MILS, and ANY 4 angles auto-calculated based on time of flight and gravity of your specific cartridge in direct read and fire MILS or MOA correction. Finally!!! One CARD DOES IT ALL!!!!

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***** 5.0
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Bryan Litz Book - Accuracy and Precision for Long Range Shooting

CODE: 1511

Written in the same easily understandable style as his previous book, Applied Ballistics for Long Range Shooting, this book takes the next step and explains the effect of various uncertainties on hit percentage.

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Putting Rounds on Target with Bryan Litz - DVD

  In this instructional 3-DVD set, champion shooter and Ballistician Bryan Litz explains and demonstrates the science of external... More 

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Bryan Litz Book - Applied Ballistics For Long Range Shooting, Second Edition

CODE: 1310

This book also offers an original contribution to the long range shooting sports: experimentally measured Ballistic Coefficient (BC) data for over 236 long range bullets of all popular brands.

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ColdBore By Patagonia - Ballistics Software

CODE: 1316

LoadBase is one of the most popular and probably THE most robust of the ballistics software programs used by the more serious LRH crowd. Its developer, Gus Ruiz, is a long time LRH member having written a key article on ballistic software for the site.

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