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Badlands Sacrifice review by Andy Backus of the Long Range Hunting Store:

The first time I picked up the 3 lb 9 oz Badlands Sacrifice pack I could not believe that it was actually a 3450 cubic inch pack capable of carrying some heavy loads in some nasty country. The folks at Badlands designed the Sacrifice to be the absolute lightest weight full-featured hunting pack of its size ever built. The Badlands Sacrifice also features the Badlands Hypervent frame technology which allows cool air to flow between the pack and your back helping to make the Sacrifice one of the most comfortable packs you will ever carry. 

Sacrifice    Sacrifice-bow

The name "Sacrifice" comes from the idea of sacrificing some features in order to make this pack incredibly light. What are you sacrificing? The pack's waterproof nylon ripstop material isn't as heavy duty and durable as some hunting packs and isn't as quiet as soft-faced fabrics. The shoulder harness and waist belt are fairly thin and not as heavy-duty or heavily padded as you would see on a heavy load-hauling pack. The frame is not as heavy-duty as you would see on a heavy load-hauling pack. With that said, I feel the Sacrifice is plenty stout and durable to comfortably carry 40-50 lbs of gear for a 3-4 night bivy. You'll have to be a little more carefull with the Sacrifice than heavier bomb-proof packs, but the Sacrifice is surprisingly durable for how light it is. Plus Badlands has the best warranty in the industry. If you ever have a single problem with your pack they will fix it or replace if for free with no questions asked - even if you're not the original owner. 

The Badlands Sacrifice's Hypervent frame is built on a very unique and light-weight yet strong steel frame weighing a mere 9 ounces. The frame material is like very heavy guage wire that's been bent into a frame that is extremely light weight yet provides a fair amount of stiffness and strength to the pack. The Hypervent frame is able to twist and bow with your movement which really adds to the comfort. Rather than having pads, the Sacrifice's back panel (the part that rides against your back) is made of a strong nylon mesh material streched across the frame. It is incredibly light weight for the support it provides yet breathes as well as any back panel I have ever seen. The Hypervent frame is curved such that the frame and pack are held a solid 2" away from your back. This setup is as cool and comfortable as you will find.


The shoulder harness and waist belt on the Badlands Sacrifice are fairly light and thin with excellent breathability. The waist belt has handy zippered pouches on both sides which are perfect for small rangefinders and calls.  The shoulder harness features a sternum strap and load lifter straps that help pull some of the the load off your shoulders. The low-profile shoulder straps work well for shooting a rifle with your pack still on. The load is transferred to the hips via the waist belt quite well, though I should mention that I have a 32" waist and the waist belt is just small enough to fit tightly on me when I have only one layer of pants on. Those folks with smaller waists would have to be wearing additional layers for a snug waist belt fit. 


The Badlands Sacrifice features a large main compartment with a cinch-top plus an additional 6" cinch-top collar extending above the main compartment allowing you to fill it up even higher. On the inside-front of the main compartment is an elastic top pocket meant to hold a Badlands 105 oz water bladder. Access ports for the bladder's hose are located on both sides of the main compartment allowing for right or left side drinking. Below the main compartment is a smaller bottom compartment which can house a light-weight sleeping bag. The Badlands Sacrifice features a nice surpise - the panel that seperates the main compartment and the bottom compartment can be zipped completely open. Anyone who has owned a pack where the main compartment is top-load only can appreciate how convenient it would be from time to time to also have full bottom access to avoid having to dig small items out from the top that have settled to the bottom of the pack. On the bottom of the bottom compartment is a small zippered compartment containing a drop-down rifle scabbard (a small pocket that supports your rifle butt). 


On either side of the Badlands Sacrifice's main compartment are vertical pockets with full-length zippers. On the outside of the vertical pockets are additional mesh stash pockets. These work well to support the bottom of a tripod which can then be strapped to the side of the pack with double compression straps. On the center of the back of the main compartment are 2 more larger vertical pockets with full-length zippers. On the rear of these pockets is a very well engineered harness system meant to strap your rifle or bow safely and securely to your pack. It also works great for strapping on extra clothing layers or a bipod. 

On top of the main compartment is a lid compartment that straps down to the Sacrifice's main compartment with dual compression straps. The lid is large enough to fit a rain shell jacket inside. On the underside of the lid is another small organizing pocket. The sides of the lid have elastic edges to help keep it sealed around the top of the main compartment. 


I used the Badlands Sacrifice a month ago on a high-country 4-day scouting trip. I really liked it. It's unbelievably light yet does a good job of carrying a decent amount of weight. My pack was just under 50 lbs and I had room to spare. 

I also used it last week day-hunting in the high country. It's a bit bigger than I really needed as a day pack but it straps down well to become nice and compact and because it's so light I never wished I had less pack. I didn't kill anything, but I would have been fine packing out a fair amount of meat with the Sacrifice based on my experience on the earlier scouting trip. 

There where a couple times when I chose to strap my rifle to the back of the pack using its integrated carrier and I was pleased with how it worked and with the pack's balance with all that weight way back there.

Capacity - 3450 cubic inches

Weight - 3 lbs 9 oz

Bladder - 105 oz (sold seperately)

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This is a great pack! Roomy, lots of pockets, light weight for the capability, great construction quality and great guarantee. Just perfect for my needs!

The only problem was that the water bladder that came with was useless because the cap would not tighten enough to stop it from leaking buckets. Can't use it. Darn!

Comment from Andy Backus of Long Range Hunting:

I'm glad the pack worked out well for you Scott!
I just wanted to mention that as soon as Scott told us about his water bladder defect we sent him a replacement the same day.