Atlas Bipods

Atlas Bipods fill my own personal needs for a higher quality, quick detachable bipod. The quality is simply superb. So I became an Atlas dealer. Read the LRH feature article review HERE.

   - Len Backus -


***** 5.0
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Atlas Bipod - BT10

CODE: 6093

This Atlas Bipod model is meant to stay mounted on your rifle but can be removed almost as easily as a Harris. Two screw clamp included. Very slightly... More 

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***** 5.0
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Atlas Bipod - BT10-LW17

CODE: 6092

I personally use this Atlas model. I have 2" picatinny rails mounted on all my rifles and I can quickly swap my one Atlas Bipod between them all.... More 


***** 5.0
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PSR Atlas Bipod - BT46-LW17

The PSR Atlas Bipod is the new and improved version of the hugely popular Atlas Bipod.

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***** 5.0
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PSR Atlas Bipod - BT47-LW17

This BT47-LW17 model is the new taller version and includes the quick-release mechanism.

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***** 5.0
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Atlas Bipod BT15 3.35" 1913 Rail

CODE: 6094

If your rifle stock has 2 sling studs spaced from 1.76" to 2.78" apart then this BT15 3.35" 1913 Rail will work. It has a relieved base to accommodate curved surfaces, but can also be used on stocks with a flat surface if needed.

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**** 4.8
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Single Sling Stud Mounted Picatinny Rail

If your rifle stock only has a single sling stud and you don't want to add a 2nd anchor, then this is the rail for you

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***** 5.0
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Atlas Bipod BT34 2.05" rail

CODE: 6095

This is the Atlas Bipod rail that you may want to use for a new installation if your front sling attachment consists of a flush cup on the side of the... More 

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** 2.0
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Atlas Bipod BT1517 – Rail Mounting Fastener Set

CODE: 6098

Used for mounting 1913 rails (our part numbers BT15 and BT17) consists of two (2) 10-32 T-Nuts and two (2) 10-32 x ¾" Button Head Cap Screws.... More 

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