Atlas Bipods

Atlas Bipods fill my own personal needs for a higher quality, quick detachable bipod. The quality is simply superb. So I became an Atlas dealer. Read the LRH feature article review HERE.

   - Len Backus -


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Atlas Bipod BT49 2.05" rail

This rail is similar to the BT34 but one end has a slot to allow for some flexibility in the distance between anchors. The BT49 – 2.05" 1913 Rail has a center to center spacings 1.2 - 1.6".

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Atlas Bipod Pouch

CODE: 6097

The Atlas Bipod Pouch is designed to accomodate any of the  Atlas bipod models and includes compartments for leg extensions and either or both sets... More 

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***** 5.0
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PSR Atlas Bipod - BT46-LW17

The PSR Atlas Bipod is the new and improved version of the hugely popular Atlas Bipod. The manufacturer listened to suggestions from customers to make two main changes on this new model. On this model they've eliminated the slight lean when loading the bipod and they've also eliminated the rotation of the legs. We feel that these are important and useful improvements that reduce the chance of inconsistent bipod loading which can affect accuracy! This BT46-LW17 model is the same size as the original BT10-LW17 and includes the quick-release mechanism.

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PSR Atlas Bipod - BT47-LW17

This BT47-LW17 model is the new taller version and includes the quick-release mechanism.

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***** 5.0
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Sling Stud Mounted Picatinny Rail

If your rifle stock only has a single sling stud and you don't want to add a 2nd anchor, then this is the rail for you

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