ACI/ACD Combo Mount (Complete with Angle Cosine Indicator)

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This is the ring cap mount including the Anti Cant Device by Defensive Edge and the Angle Cosine Indicator by Sniper Tools.

It fits any Nightforce 30mm ring set. It is manufactured from the same 7075 Alloy that the NF LW rings sets are made from and hard anodized matte black. It includes the Sniper Tools Angle Cosine Indicator.

It does not include the lower half of the ring (Bottom Cap). By adding the Bottom Cap (optional item - not included) you can mount this unit to any scope with a 30 mm tube. 


aci/acd mount


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Nice addition to a night force scope. Good aid for long range shooting. Very simple to install, remove old upper ring and replace with level and cosine ring. Recommend.


Great product, easy to use and install. Very helpfull durirng long range hunting


Very well made.
Excellent fit and finish.
Lines follow NF rings perfectly.