#60XT Havel's Stainless Steel Skinning Blades, One Dozen

***** 5.0
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One dozen replacement blades, individually wrapped. Fits all Havalon Piranta knives. 

Please note: Fits only the Havalon Piranta knives, not the Havalon Baracuta knives.


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Check out the Havalon knives. American made in Cincinnati, Ohio, they make surgical scalpels and their folding knife has a replaceable stainless blade that’s actually a scalpel. I’ve never used anything so sharp. It’s scary sharp. Tom (my hunt partner) turned me on to them. He told me that until you get accustomed to handling one, you have to be real careful where your fingers are or you’ll cut a finger off gutting a an animal. I believe it. This isn’t one of those ‘shave your arm hair’ knives. It will remove the hair and a layer of skin, don’t ask how I know…… Best part, the knife and 12 replacement blades plus sheath is cheap, Each blade is good for at least one complete gut or de-boning. It’s totally awesome. You get one and you leave everything at home except a saw for the pelvis or a hatchet.


I've had a lot of practical field experience with knives. I even had Kershaw send me some knives to use that I really loved. Then I got my first Piranta...WOW. It's all I use now. From boning out mountain goats to skinning Kodiak Brown Bears and turning lips and ears on a red fox, the only knife I use is my Havalon. I own three, and they are in my pack every day. I guide over 24 hunters a year for Alaska big game animals and I preach the Havalon message on every animal we skin! I love the 60XT for my skinning/boning work. I use a 23 blade for all my finer work with lips, ears, eyes and so on. Just wanted to let you know - You're product is one I'd put my name on!