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The .25-06 and .25-06 Improved By J.C. Munnell

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Unread 05-17-2010, 02:41 PM
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The .25-06 and .25-06 Improved By J.C. Munnell

I have previously expressed my views as to the possible superiority of the various .25 caliber cartridges to those of one caliber less, and have fully expected to be severely taken to task, cursed at, ridiculed, pilloried, threatened with keelhauling, drawing and quartering, (not really necessary if the keelhauling is done correctly), and promised immediate excommunication from the Universal Church of True Believers in All Things Six Millimeter. That last one seemed o.k., but the others caused me at least momentary concern, since several of the stated acts threatened to end my shooting, hunting and writing careers, or at least cause a considerable delay in continuing with them. That such results have not transpired probably - in order of ascending probability: (a) reflects the innate correctness of my views, (b) reflects the vast open-mindedness of the readership, or (c) demonstrates that no one is reading my exceedingly erudite utterings. Nonetheless, here I am, once more testing the patience and understanding of the readers.
This is a thread for discussion of the article, The .25-06 and .25-06 Improved, By J.C. Munnell. Here you can ask questions or make comments about the article.
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Unread 05-18-2010, 07:45 AM
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Re: The .25-06 and .25-06 Improved By J.C. Munnell

Great Article. Only thing I wish you would of added was info on the heavier bullets like the 117 SBT or the Berger 115 or Nosler 110 bullet. With the .25-06 being my main go to caliber since before Remington built them I have a terrible soft spot in my heart for the caliber and have been working with a new rifle over the last couple years in .25-06 AI it looks like I'm right there with you.
One thing I discovered early on was how great the .25-06 worked with the heavier bullets. Mine have done so well with them that I seldom tried anything else.
Again, great article.
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Unread 05-18-2010, 02:07 PM
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Re: The .25-06 and .25-06 Improved By J.C. Munnell

A good informative article. I would like to know about the 25-06 as a 600 yd target load. A guy I know has a 600 yd range and I would like to have a gun to compete with him with out knocking my shoulder off. The 22s we shoot for varmits blow arround too much, the 243 works but I would like to try a 25 cal. Any information will be helpfull along with locating a gun and optics. I havn't read the article about fitting yet but it subject makes a lot of sense.

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Unread 05-18-2010, 05:59 PM
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Re: The .25-06 and .25-06 Improved By J.C. Munnell

Thanks for the interesting article.

I've been shooting a 25-06 for 30 years so your preaching to the choir here but more good information is always good to read. I agree with "BillR" that the heavier builts are where I believe the 25-06 really comes into it's own. These longer bullets have very good coefficiencies, and the Nosler 115 Ballistic Tip hunting bullet is lately my favorite. And for Trapshooter, while I haven't shot mine a lot in the wind at 600 yards at paper targets, I have done it enough to see a major improvement over what happens to my 22-250 rounds at 600yds in the wind. However, my wish would be for Hornady, Nosler or Sierra to make a lighter-built 100gr varmint bullet with a ballistic tip.

I've always thought that an interesting 25 caliber cartridge that has very little following, is the 25-308 or 25 Souper. I shoot one years ago that my father-in-law had built up on a Mauser Action, and it really had some zip, though I didn't have a chrony in those days. It certainly should ballistically stand very near to the 25-06 in the 25-caliber line up, but should use a bit less powder.
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Unread 05-19-2010, 06:59 AM
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Re: The .25-06 and .25-06 Improved By J.C. Munnell

I just ordered the Savage 111 Long Range Hunter in 25-06. Will be about 6wks delivery. I don't re-load so I'll be shooting factory loads, any suggestions?
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Unread 05-19-2010, 10:46 AM
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Re: The .25-06 and .25-06 Improved By J.C. Munnell

As I am fairly new to LRH, what are the changes to the "Improved" loads? And a question for the Savage 111, does it have a custom barrel or is it the same as the varmit guns?
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Unread 05-21-2010, 12:42 AM
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Re: The .25-06 and .25-06 Improved By J.C. Munnell

Great read! I have a Cooper M52 factory chambered in 25-06AI and have experimented a great deal with the heavier high BC bullets like the Berger 115gr VLD, and some custom offerings. The Berger flies great out of my rifle at 3330-3350fps and has some impressive drop charts. Nosler 115gr Btips were also very accurate, although I put them on the back shelf as the drops were not as great as the Berger, and some of the custom bullets. I would be in heaven if Berger would offer a higher BC bullet in the 125gr range.

I have to work on some lower weight loads and will look back to this article for inspiration.
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