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What's the most affordable way to successfully hunt an elk?

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Unread 03-28-2008, 08:29 PM
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To be honest with ya I wouldn't get withing 2 miles from an elk with an atv. They here that racket and there outa there. The more miles you have on your feet the more of a chance you have at getting into elk imo.
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Unread 03-28-2008, 09:58 PM
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good glass

find a few good observation points, get comfortable and glass everything till you spot them and really pick your shot. get close enough for a shot or get ahead of them and wait. seriously consider shooting one close to the road or at least in a valley where you can drive a truck close to them.500-800 lbs ain't something you throw on your shoulder and carry back to the truck.when shooting elk down in canyons shoot early and you may get it out by dark. (think shooting a domestic cow and then figure how you are going to get it up in the bed of your truck, make lots of friends ,you'll need them)
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Unread 03-29-2008, 02:06 AM
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Or buy a good pack board and put some miles on your boots.
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Unread 03-29-2008, 07:15 AM
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packing elk......

is easier than a lot of people let on, but it is a consideration. You want to have a plan..That is the # reason for most of the road warriors out here in the west, the "fear of packing".....my theory was always you have to be where the elk are to shoot one....then worry about the pack job later. You did say you were going to have a hunting partner, 2 guys sure make the job easier. The average elk killed in colorado is in the 3-500 lb range on the hoof. This will only yeild in the neighborhood of 150 lbs of boned out meat....2 guys with sturdy pack frames can easily pack 100lbs each.......problem solved...A boned out ham, shoulder and back strap each.....depending on whether you are going to mount the head, you may have another trip for the cape and horns......if you are not familiar with how to bone out meat, there is a DVD available from the Co DOW.....look on their website.....tell me when you have some areas and seasons picked out and i will try to help out....AJ
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Unread 03-29-2008, 11:41 AM
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I just started elk hunting myself 4 years ago when I moved here to Idaho. The first year was a real learning experience. Idaho probably has terrain closer to western wyoming in that it is STEEP. So your mileage may vary depending on what state you decide to hunt:

1. Get away from the roads and the trails. Elk are sensitive to pressure and any road is bad, but many popular atv, horse or hiking trail can have the same effect. Our main huning hole which produces multiple elk every opening day is only about 1 mile from a busy road, but the elk are two ridges and about 1500 verticle feet away, so they feel safe. Pressure is limited because new people come in shoot an elk then learn that packing 1.5 miles and 1500' elevation UP, is no fun and don't come back.

2. What time of year you hunt will change tactics a lot. Early season, typically bow hunting, the elk rut, which is a major advatage. Just after the rut, typically early-late Oct, the bulls go and hide. This is when most general hunts are and the bulls can be real tough to find. After Nov 1, the elk start to herd back up and move. I find this to be my favorite time. The key here is, unlike deer, elk aren't everywhere, so you have to find the ridge or drainage where they are and hunt there.

3. To find elk in mid or late season you need to be very lucky, or you must have and use some decent Optics! In S. Idaho you can see a long way, as can the elk, so glassing is what has made the biggest difference. Getting a shot off on a suprised elk ain't easy so knowing where they are and planning a stalk is a key to success so, GLASS GLASS GLASS.

4. If you kill one, DO NOT underestimate the work involved. An average sized elk is a lot of work. I hunt on foot and use horses to pull elk out of the woods. Again Idaho is steep so even downhill is difficult, uphill is just cruel. So, be prepared as you need the right gear: a good knife(or two) and sharpener(that you know how to use), parachute cord, game bags, and frame pack(or quality internal frame) you know can handle large heavy loads. I would look for a spot to have your horses by the truck/trailer, hunt into rough country daily, and use the horses to haul out the elk, but with fuel prices today and your limited budget I might just be prepared to get real tired.

If you get into it you will start to spend money, especially if you become addicted to this site. But if you start with a good gun, good basic equipment, a pair of 8x bino's and spotter w/ tripod, then you can kill and bring home elk. GOOD LUCK!
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Unread 03-29-2008, 04:00 PM
CAM CAM is offline
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Elk hunting is more of a "SMALL TEAM SPORT".
It's nice to hunt with other people and get help with the haul out that's for sure!!
also a spotter is nice to have. We hunt alot in pairs.
If you think about it 4 eyes are better than 2 and elk are herd animals so it's a good chance you both could get an animal (BUTT THAT'S TWICE THE WORK)!!!

We have a standing rule, If you take a shot you better get your ***** over there and check for blood and such. If you don't want to go there no business shooting!!
Even if you think it's a clean miss, get your butt over there!!!
This has stopped the kentucky windage shooting and made hunters think before firing, everybody get's a little excited about seeing game but when it's getting dark and you know you have to cross to the other side of the canyon they start to think about the shot.
If you shoot you goooooo..... NO BUTTS

Elk are like gold, could be anywhere, it's finding them that's fun!
Elk are habit animals also so use it to your advantage.
We like a "FEW" other hunters in the woods seems to move Elk around.
Some of our best places depend on what other hunters plan to do.
When they say we are going to hunt this draw, we go sit on the excape route.
The better you know the Elk and the mountain the better your chances of killing one.

Put in for a Colo cow tag only $250 vs $500 and lots more cows than bulls, learn the game and then get some bull tags and have fun.

Don't get hung up on killing something it will come, enjoy your time in the mountains.

The best way to see Elk is only have a deer tag! LOL

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Unread 03-29-2008, 09:30 PM
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This hunt would be in the 2009 year if it worked out. There is only one guy that would be able to physically do the hunt with me and we'd have a lot of preparing to do before hand.

I guess now I'm thinking the two of us guys could pretty easily put an ATV in the back of my truck and head out west. Once we get there we can back pack in. If we're successfull maybe we could just have one guy drop his gear and walk back to the truck and get the ATV to pack out the animal.

Maybe the best route will be that one guy gets a mule deer tag and the other gets an elk tag and see what we see.
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