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First Bull Memories

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Unread 10-07-2010, 09:52 PM
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Re: First Bull Memories

Originally Posted by DanMan View Post
Wow! That is special with 3 buddies all getting first bulls together is one explosion of gunfire. I'll bet yall had a great time getting them out and taken care of ......right?
UUUGGGGHHHHH!!! Ya we had quite a bit of work to do. The rigs were at the top of the canyon about a 1/4 MILE from the rim. So the pack(s) up the canyon were hard, but the real work started when we got to the top. We actually convinced our buddies step dad Hal Laur (an ex sprint car racer) to beat the heck out of his rig and get as close as he dared. It looked pretty funny having that many people and elk in (and on) 1 rig. Considering 4 people and 3 ragg horns were wrappep up in and on an Isuzu Trooper. That poor little foreign car took a beatin! I dont think it lasted another year We actually had to make 2 trips, cause we had to go back for the back seat, and all of the rest of our huntin gear that wouldnt fit in, or on the rig.
It is some special memory for sure. And I have only been on 1 other elk hunt that was that easy in my life, and I wasnt the one hunting. I took a friend of mine for her first elk hunt and she shot a spike, with her recently deceased granpa's rifle, 40 yards from the pickup 15 minutes into opening day of spike season. We drug it downhill in the snow to my open tailgate backed up to a snow berm. Loaded it whole minus gutts. That was even harder for me to belive than my cousins, buddies and my first bulls all at once. Pretty awesome.
I have never since had an elk season that remotely resembled the ease of those two. The rest we had to work alot harder for.

Great thread by the way. I love reading these story's. Kcebj's story had me cringing waiting for hooves to fly over my head just reading it! Wow! Pretty great storys so far. cant wait to read more.
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Unread 10-09-2010, 02:05 PM
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Re: First Bull Memories

Very cool first bull memories. Love reading the great memories in the stories.

My first elk I took when I was 18 and it was the second most exciting elk hunt I have ever been on. Opening day of first rifle season (1988) and I was sitting watching where two canyons came together. All morning in the canyon south of me it sounded like world war three going on. Being a young impatient hunter I couldn't take it anymore, around 9:00 a.m. I got up from my spot and took three steps to head towards the shooting, when I heard rocks moving on the other side of the canyon I was just watching. When I turned around I saw this huge bull start coming off the top, I pulled up my rifle and got him in the scope when all of a sudden I heard three quick shots and the bull dropped out of my scope. I could not believe it, there was this 72 year old man from Florida getting up out of the sage brush, where he had been sitting all morning. I walked down to him and we went to look at the bull, it was a 7x8 that ended up grossing 383". I was sick !

The second morning I was watching the same two canyons, but sitting in a different spot. Nothing was moving pretty much all morning and hardly any shooting going on. I sat there all morning telling myself to stay and not move, one of the hardest things I have ever done. Around 10:30 a.m. a couple of guys on atv's came cruising by on the road in the bottom of the biggest canyon. I watched them go by and when it got to where I could just barely here them this 4 point bull snuck out of the quakey pocket under me, went across the road and started up the other side. I waited for him to stop I put my crosshairs on him and I could not believe how bad I was shaking. I waited for the crosshairs to settle (or so I thought ) and pulled the trigger. He went right down and rolled down the side of the of the canyon, I could her him kicking around down in the quakeys. All of a sudden I seen him standing in the middle of the road and I lost it. I started shooting, after about the fourth shot I couldn't understand why I was not hitting him when I realized I was looking at his antlers and not putting the crosshairs on his body. I brought the crosshairs down and hit him right in the top of the back and he went back down, I ran down there as fast as I could and shot him again just to make sure he was done. As I was taking care of the bull the guys on the atv's came back by, what horrible looks I recieved as they road by. Truely awesome and I was hooked forever !
Here he is
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