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Elk Caliber?

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Unread 04-11-2012, 05:52 PM
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Re: Elk Caliber?

[QUOTE= I have a Winchester 70 Laredo LRH in 300WM that would fit the bill, except I'm not real excited about packing a 10#+ rifle into the mountains.

+1 ! I'm 49 and in pretty decent shape. But, at 11,000 ft every ounce counts. Especially when you are born and raised at 2,000. I'm currently working on a new elk whacker. A 7 3/4 lb stainless Tikka in 338 Win mag. 2 + pounds lighter and not a bad shooter either.
I posted a little on it here.
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Unread 05-20-2012, 03:27 AM
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Re: Elk Caliber?

Originally Posted by mrbigtexan View Post
there is an excellent article on the 7mm rem mag in the recent shooting times. it gives alot of comparisons with other articles. i recommend it to read. plus, i am a little biased towards a 7mm of any kind. i have 3, 7mm mauser, 7mm saum, 7mm rem mag.
I read that as well. Having a 7 Rem Mag, 7WSM and a 7x57 as well, I am a pretty big fan of the 7mm's as they do alot of things well within my capabilities as a shooter. I run the 160 AB's around 3090 out of the WSM and it shoots very well. Haven't monkeyed around much with the 7RM in a few years, but I just got a new stock for it, so I am looking forward to working with it some when I get home.

The 7x57 is my son's in a little M70 Featherweight. 160 PT's at around 2750 or so should work just fine for him, within his range limitations as well.
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Unread 05-20-2012, 08:01 AM
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Re: Elk Caliber?

I must have missed this post. Looks like a good one for discussion.

To the original poster= I am a very large fan of the 7mm and have had almost all of them at
one time or another.They have all served me well for the type of hunting I used them for. But
like everything else they to have there limits.

I am also an advocate of using the largest caliber practical/possible when hunting.

My recommendation for the best Elk Caliber would be -

Max distance you are capable of hitting 1/2 to 3/4 MOA consistantly.(Never plan on closer
distances and you will allways be better prepared).

Look at the energy levels @ that distance and limit energy to the recomended level of
1500 ft/lbs. (less energy will do the job but may not perform as well overall.

Don't consider weight , recoil and cost of ammo yet, (That comes later when you decide
what caliber you chose. I see all the time where ammo cost is an issue. My opinion on this
mater is simple. After spending $$$$$ on a long range Rifle and large amounts of $$$$$
on a Elk hunting trip The ammo is on of the cheapest parts of the hunt and should be the
best you can buy or Load.

Years of hunting deer at extreme distances taught me that even though the 7mms performed
well, A 30 cal with the energy and trajectory to match the 7s performed better.

I bow hunted only for Elk for over 20 years and after a shoulder injury I had to lay the bow
down and pic up the rifle for my Elk hunting. Having killed Elk with a bow I can tell you they
can be very hard to bring down Quick. So knowing that there have been thousands of Elk killed
with 270s and 30/06s I still decided to go with something larger to minimize loss potential.

I am into one shot kills and dropping an animal in his tracks so armed with this I chose the 338
RUM and have not been sorry. My limit with this combo is 1100 yards. If I chose to hunt Elk
beyond 1100 yards I will up the power to something faster in 338 or something larger.

At one time I was not a big fan of the 338 because of the limited calibers and bullets available
but that has changed due to improvements in bullets and cartriges in 338.

So with all of that said , My recommendation would be a 338 of your choosing, with a muzzle break
if needed, weight has never been a consideration of mine unless miles of walking is nessary and
the cost/availability of the ammo also not a consideration because you need to go prepared.
Practice and familiarize yourself with the rifle and its limits and you will minimize problems.

Don't be talked into something that is very limited for your hunts because others have "Done"
it with less. There is no such thing as over kill. Dead is dead.

Go with the best chance for success.



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Unread 05-20-2012, 08:34 PM
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Re: Elk Caliber?

[QUOTE=J Don't be talked into something that is very limited for your hunts because others have "Done"
it with less. There is no such thing as over kill. Dead is dead.

Go with the best chance for success.



Absolutely agree with your comments. I'm shooting my Remington 300 Win Mag with great success to date. I have tested Hornady 180gr Interlocks and Berger 190gr & 210gr Hunting VLD bullets. Next trial will be some Nosler Accubonds. Leaning towards the Berger 210's, but will see what results I get from the Noslers.

As you stated above, three of our 5 Elk hunter group have elected to go with their 30-06's based on "recommendations". I'll have the Remmie 300 win mag and my normal hunting buddy just picked up a used Tikka 338 Win Mag. We were out shooting today and his last 3-shot group of the day was one ragged hole.

Thanks for contributing to this thread.
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