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7mm bullets

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Unread 06-15-2013, 01:22 PM
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Re: 7mm bullets

150 grn ETIP
I took a moose with 1,(7 MM R mag / 67grn IMR7828 mag primer) It was just a hair over 200 yrds opened both lungs and a clean exit. She dropped where she was shot. So, I see no problem with elk
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Unread 06-15-2013, 03:31 PM
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Re: 7mm bullets

Originally Posted by swampshooter View Post
Impact or terminal velocity greatly affects bullet expansion. There's a huge difference in remaining velocity at 500 yards and that remaining at 1300 yards. I would call needing three shots to kill an elk as total failure. Get closer next time.

My friend took a mature cow elk last year with 2 shots of 180gr Berger VLD off his 7MM Magnum (Weatherby rifle) at no more than 125 yards. Blew the heart and lungs, entry wounds were 2 inches apart, but still managed to stumble ~50 yards into the timber. Is that considered a failure too because it took him 2 shots?

Another friend took 5x6 bull elk 5 years ago with 3 shots (all in the vital area, fist size exit holes) of 260grainers off his .340 Weatherby Magnum at ~200 yards but still ran 75-100 yards. I guess that's another failure too!

Sometimes, even with the best intentions and conditions, Murphy chimes in and messes things up.

I don't remember where I read it but a PH said "unlike most hunters (talking to an American client) think/believe, here in Africa the follow up shot(s) is/are just as important as the 1st shot, make them all count".

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Unread 07-02-2013, 02:48 PM
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Re: 7mm bullets

175 gr Seirra Game kings good coefficiant. Shoots great in my old 7 mag. Another good elk killer is 160 Nosler partions.
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Unread 07-10-2013, 09:39 PM
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Re: 7mm bullets

it really depends on where you plan on hunting and which subspecies you're after, i wouldn't dream of shooting a roosevelt elk with anything smaller than a good 180 grain bullet... i prefer barnes
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Unread 09-20-2013, 08:45 AM
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Re: 7mm bullets

I have taken many Elk over the years. Early on we used to shoot Noslers with problems. Shot great on paper but tracked many animals after they had been shot. The next bullet we went to is the Barnes x. This bullet did well but was a pain to get copper out of the barrel. The next bullet was the triple shok from Barnes, this is an excellent hunting bullet if someone is planning on 500 yes or less. We had great success. We started hunting long range about 5 years ago and have used jlk 168 / 180 bullets and Berger 168 / 180's in our 7mms. They have been really good. It does require making a good shot of course for the bullet to do its job. I just had a custom .300 rum built & I am running 185 Bergers @ 3407 fps. I will report back on the findings. Shooting steel @ 500 yds with the .270 , 7mm and .300 rum it is very clear how much more energy the .300 rum has. I had no problems killing elk with the .270 or 7mm, just thought if I had an encounter with a bear the rum may be a better way to go. A question all of us have to ask ourselves when strictly selecting a bullet or even caliber is how far do we intend to comfortably shoot an animal? The second question is how dead is dead? A 6x284 with a 105 Berger has claimed the life of many elk. One of them happened to be @ 1115 yds by a friend I know. He is an ace marksman and killed a 337 inch bull. I do not recommend this be tried just giving an example. Good luck.
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Unread 09-23-2013, 10:59 PM
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Re: 7mm bullets

Originally Posted by mrfrodo View Post
it really depends on where you plan on hunting and which subspecies you're after, i wouldn't dream of shooting a roosevelt elk with anything smaller than a good 180 grain bullet... i prefer barnes
I would say from personal experience that a 150gr. .270, or 160gr. 7mm perform VERY well on elk out to 525yrds. Between my dad and I at least a dozen kills. My 160gr 7mm sierra hpbt game kings have planted dead elk where they stood out to 425 yrds. I had one at 520 that was hit in the liver and final shot (#2) planted it in place. My dads .270 consistently plants them where they stand. The funny thing is he is so fast at reload-n-fire that if they stand for a few seconds he drills them a second timecause they aaren't flat on the ground yet. I admit I don't get back on target as fast as him, but he is damn accurate about it. If a 160 class amax can kill a 5 point bull at 1350 I would bet any quality bullet would do the job in the 150-160 range out to 700yrds. Maybe more.
If you dream of shooting Roosevelt elk with 175gr. bullets and heavier I would not discourage you. But to dicourage someone from using a VERY common weight and caliber then I would suggest stating what your reason is.
The truth about elk are they are likely to run a mile if shot placement isn't spot on. Accuracy and knowing how to place the bullet where you intend for it to go means much more than bullet weight or caliber (within reason).
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