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2010 Oregon Coast Elk~Almost

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Unread 12-17-2010, 08:18 PM
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Re: 2010 Oregon Coast Elk~Almost

Originally Posted by mntnflyr4fun View Post
I hunt the CoosBay area, and know exactly what you are up against. We routinely figure that average shooting will be in the 500-600 yard range, and I carry two guns specifically to deal with these long cross canyon shots. My .338 Win Mag with 250 gr. Speer Grand Slams for up to 500 yards, and a 300 Win Mag with 200gr. Accubonds sighted in for 600 yds. and better. I am seriously considering a new bull barrel 338 RUM for a "truck" gun to get out there as the hunting tapers on the barrels I am using don't really provide the kind of accuracy I would like for these long range shots.

I recently invested in a Leica CRF 1600 with an inclinometer to show the up/down angular information needed for these long shots. Not that I plan to shoot anything at 1600 yds, but my experience with rangefinders has been that you should overbuy on range as there is lots of stuff that causes them to have limited ranging capabilites and so you better have more than you need.

Sounds to me like you definitely made the right decision with night falling and a deep hole to try and find a wounded bull in. Dangerous to say the least. I passed on a bull at 863yds this season myself as he had positioned himself in a spot that would have been just two dangerous for the retrieval, especially if he didn't just drop where he stood as he was already 1200 yds under the closest road from above and he couldn't be reached from the side we could shoot from. Sometimes just seeing these buggers makes the hunt successful
Oh yes it feels good to see them, but that alone doesn't fill the freezer! LOL! I measure my shooting angle right now with a plane Jane construction type angle finder and then multiply the cosine, works very well but takes longer than a built in inclinometer. If you're looking at rangefinders, check out the new G7 BR2 Rangefinder, spendy but it looks like the cat's meow for really really long range stuff. We'll see if they've got the bugs worked out in the prototype stages.
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Unread 12-17-2010, 08:47 PM
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Re: 2010 Oregon Coast Elk~Almost

Originally Posted by kiwi3006 View Post
Double L Ranch, I see this is your first post, You need to go back and look at what this forum is called, LONG range hunting. A 900 yd shot is not that special on this site. I am sure that Tumbleweed has practiced enough at that range to make sure of the shots. You also need to read the rules of this site

"2) We do not discuss ethics. To do so will result in the post or posts being edited or deleted. "

We are here to offer advice or guidance about how to make the shot not whether it should be made.

Thankyou kiwi3006! Every fiber in me wanted to pull the trigger, but as I mentioned in the original post, too much brush, other than that, HECK yes! And yes I do practice year around at these ranges and much farther. I had the confindence to take that shot (minus the brush problem) that some guys have at 2 or 300 yards. I have worked hard on cold bore one shot kills in wind on targets with great success, and yes this bullet WILL do the job.
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Unread 12-17-2010, 09:25 PM
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Re: 2010 Oregon Coast Elk~Almost

Originally Posted by Double L Ranch View Post
Hi Tumbleweed,

That is just killing, not hunting. Ethics have to play into hunting. If you want to shoot that far, then shoot at metal targets. They don't run away wounded, especially in fading light, never to be found again. Better off for a hunter to sharpen their skills to get closer to game for a hunt rather than buying a gun to replace the lack of skills, Certainly we all have opinions but this is the stuff the antis love to grab hold of.
What part of this post don't you understand, He didn't shot, pretty good decision.

Sharpening skills, Most here LR Hunt because they have killed all they want to at short distances. Thus sharpen a new set of skills, thier ability to place one shot kills on animals farther than most opening day lead floppers.

If setting up a vantage point/shooting position, practicing 12 months to be proficent, glassing for undisturbed game for hours on end, and executing an accurate shot on an animal, is not hunting.
Then what you do is nature walks in the woods with a noise maker.
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