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Newbie tryin to research/plan a Wyo Goat hunt with alot of ?s

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Unread 02-06-2013, 01:58 PM
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Re: Newbie tryin to research/plan a Wyo Goat hunt with alot of ?s

So like 35-38 in the south east corner would be more ideal?

Another question, when I was looking around at the left over licenses it talked about the date they could be viewed and when they would be available for purchase. They also had applications for left over tags???? Can't you just buy them directly when they become available?

Thanks Brett
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Unread 02-06-2013, 02:13 PM
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Re: Newbie tryin to research/plan a Wyo Goat hunt with alot of ?s

I dont know areas 35 and 38 but if they have good draw odds they more than likely suck. Trust me you are better off playing the random odd of a special draw and if you dont get it save your points and when you do draw burn those points on a trophy area itll be well worth the wait. coming out here for a doe or a 13" buck is not good use of your time and money in my opinion.
as far as buying left overs I am not sure how that works for non residents

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Unread 02-06-2013, 03:29 PM
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Re: Newbie tryin to research/plan a Wyo Goat hunt with alot of ?s

Thanks for the advice, but you have to understand I have never been Antelope hunting before and I am not trophy hunting. I really enjoy going out west and just getting to hunt in that environment beings it's so much different than over here in Maryland where it's just whitetails flat woods and crop fields. I have been to South Dakota in 2010& 2011 for Phesants, Coyote & Prairie dogs and Montana in 2012 for just Coyotes and thoroughly enjoyed myself. So either way if we just end up with doe tags were planning to go camp and make a fun week out of it.

Now down the road after I get a few under my belt I might be looking for more advice on quality areas with larger, better managed bucks
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Unread 02-06-2013, 05:07 PM
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Re: Newbie tryin to research/plan a Wyo Goat hunt with alot of ?s

I certainly could be off on my dates but :
It seems like last year the left over list came out, was posted on or about July 1 and then you could buy those tags online on the 17th. Fouls be wrong on those dates but you do get some time for research. The 63-2 tags were gone in 12 seconds come 8 am. That's what WGFD said any way, I know they were gone by the time I got done typing at 8:03 am....
The tags left over for the really tough access areas can usually be bought over the counter when you get there but a doe tag in a decent access area will be gone very quickly.

Antelope hunting ain't about kill in' an antelope...
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Unread 02-06-2013, 07:35 PM
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Re: Newbie tryin to research/plan a Wyo Goat hunt with alot of ?s

Unless you know someone in unit 38, don't waste your money. I have hunted goats in WY the last 2 years. I wasted my money the first year because I picked up a left over doe tag in that unit and you can only access public land by going through private. You might get lucky and find someone that will let you on, but I never did. Stay away from 38. There is a reason it is 100 percent draw success.
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Unread 02-07-2013, 04:20 AM
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Re: Newbie tryin to research/plan a Wyo Goat hunt with alot of ?s

We try to make an annual trip to area 92.

Most of the time we draw two doe tags per hunter and one guy in the group will draw a buck after collecting some points. The only exception was the 2011 season when nobody drew because of the extreme winter prior too. We try to time the trip in conjunction with the sage grouse opener.

We camp in the public area on Big Sandy Reservoir (only a couple miles from area 92) for a few days, hunting sage grouse and antelope. There is PLENTY of public land to roam and the local landowners usually have no problem letting you clear some goats out of their alfalfa fields as long as they get the landowner coupon after you harvest. (Get permission prior to going on ANY private land!)

After we have tagged out we spend the rest of the week trout fishing between Farson and Jackson.

Any additional licencing or provisions needed for the hunt or fishing can easily be bought in Pinedale about an hour north.

For an easy DIY it can't be beat. Just be prepared to collect points before you can expect to draw a buck tag. But when you eventually draw a buck, there are some real trophies in that area.
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Unread 02-07-2013, 01:47 PM
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Re: Newbie tryin to research/plan a Wyo Goat hunt with alot of ?s

Many of the guys have already given you good information. I've only been to Wyoming once antelope hunting but I'll give you what I learned:

-My party (3 of us) applied for the special drawing with no preference points and we all draw. I knew we wouldnt have a chance without the special tag and it was worth it to me.

-Antelope are surprisingly hard to judge. A 12" antelope on foot looks bigger than you think it will so study lots of pictures and antelope on the hoof when you arrive to your unit.

-Be prepared to camp in single digit temps. I went out the first full week in Oct and it was down to 9* a few of the nights. It got up to the mid 50's/low 60's during the day, so you can dress light while hunting. But, have good cold weather camping gear.

-Having a GPS is not only nice, but 100% neccessary in my mind. Most of the land out there is checkerboard type, so knowing you are able to hunt an area is important. Ignorance won't get you out of a trespassing ticket.

-If you don't shoot a lot of rifles now, spend a bunch of time behind your rifle and find a good load it likes. I'd say being comfortable to 300y is the minimum distance. Antelope are hard to get close to and live out in the open. Not saying you can't stalk into bow range, just be prepared to take longer shots.

-Make sure your pants and shoes can withstand cactus and stickers. They are everywhere out there. Also get yourself a good pair of leather gloves for stalking in the cactii. Those stickers are not fun pulling out of your hands/knees.

-Don't be afraid to ask the game warden where a good portion of the unit is to hunt. The warden in the unit we hunted in gave us some great information. They are friendly as long as you are hunting legally and safely.

Being a 'flatlander' from IA I can tell you the experience was great. The meat is good and well worth the trip. I'm planning on going back out for a doe/fawn hunt. I enjoyed the hunt as much as I enjyoed harvesting a nice buck.
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