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Antelope #3,4, and 5 2011

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Unread 10-16-2011, 10:13 PM
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Antelope #3,4, and 5 2011

My buddy JT came up from Utah this weekend to fill his 2 doe antelope tags. Here is his write up of his first successful big game hunt.

Well today I went out with Doug the great white hunter to go get me some antelope. My rifle of choice is my 50 RazorBack which shoots a .510 diamater boolit/bullet. Gun was built by me on a savage 110 action and a turned down 50 BMG barrel on a Mcmillan stock. My load of choice was a 500gr paper patched boolit going around 2300fps. The case is made from 300 REM ultra mag cut off at the neck and expanded. It's topped with a NIKON 2-7x32 scope and is a dream to shoot.
The day started with Doug and I heading to the range to just check the gun for zero and to see how it shot with out the muzzle break. I stand up and chamber a round and gentley squeeze the trigger. The gun goes off and somthing hits me in the leg. I look Down and the recoil was so strong it ripped the bipod off the gun. So I put a few more rounds down range a call it good. We decide to shoot with the break on the barrel as we did not see much if annual change in accuracy. We head back to his house and install a new sling stud and reatatch the bipod and head out.
We are driving for a little while in my area and don't see anything except a few bucks. Then Doug stops the truck as he spots a buck on the hill and there are 2 Dow's . We stop and park the truck and get the guns out. Now the stalk begins as we make our way around the hill and out of there sight. We crest up over the hill and see them at the other end and proceed to crawl closer. We notice there are a bunch of goats there so I just need to pick one. I crawl a little closer and up to a little rock pile and get ready. Doug ranges the goats at like 135 yards. I get set up and scope them out for a bit and pick one that is away from the rest and is facing me. I place my cross hairs in the middle of the neck just a.touch lower then its back. Take a deap breath and let half out and squeeze the trigger. The gun roars and the goat drops, not even a twitch. I rack another round and watch the others. Thy run off about 100 yards and stop. So we wait to see if thy come back. After a while I decided to belly crawl closer as I was not comfortable taking a 230 yard shot with that gun yet as I had never done so and I was not famular with the bullets drop at that range. So I very slowley sneak up and just as I got to about 186 yards thy got spooked and where starting to trot away. I set the rifle and deployied the bipod and picked the one goat that had not started moving away and I held high on the top of the neck which was the head. I know my windage is right on and so holding high I could alow for unknown bullet drop. I pulled the trigger and goats went every where and dust erupted around them. Then a goat jumps up and runs away, I thought o damn I got a runner. So Doug and I get up and walk over to where thy where. And low and behold I stoned the goat I was going for. The boolit hit right behind the ear and exited by the eye or what was left of that side of the face. I did not hit the other goat I just scared the **** out of it and it tripped.
We pull the truck up and start working the first goat. As we are cutting we uncover the wound Chanel. The bullet entered dead center on the neck right where I was aiming. Right behind the neck is what looked like an exit wound as there was a big hole between the sholder blades. We strip all the meat off and start cutting into the back strap and notice a wound Chanel. we fallow it back and find the bullet stopped at the rear of the goat at the hip. The bullet broke every rib on that side of the spine from the neck to the hip. We weighed the bullet and it was like 360gr I think. Not bad for how much bone it went through. The other antelope was easy to spot the wound Chanel and gave us a little more meat because of the head shot.
So now I have a cooler full of meat and a perma grin. I had so much fun and was glad to beable to use a gun I made and a bullet I designed and made the mould for. Here are the pictures, Doug has some more and he can add them if he like. Thy are close-up picture of the wounds. I will take a pic of the boolit we recovered tomarow and post it.
138 YARD neck shot

186 YARD head shot. You can see the first antelope I shot in the background.

The 5th goat wasnt much of a hunt, we drove out to the area I spotted some goats from the road, my unlce and dad walked out got set up and took a 188yard head shot on this little guy, they wanted meat and we had been hunting hard all week for a buck mule deer for my uncle.

Graphic pic, dont click if you dont want to see the inside of an antelope's head.

My uncle won the furthest headshot this year, my buddy JT was mad and said next year he is going for broke with his 50rb unless we have a pair of 338 edges built.
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Unread 10-17-2011, 12:46 AM
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Re: Antelope #3,4, and 5 2011

Very cool, start to finish. What/ whose mold are you using? What material are you casting from?

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Unread 10-17-2011, 07:55 AM
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Re: Antelope #3,4, and 5 2011

My buddy JT (the shooter of #3 and 4) is a machinist, he built the rifle, cut the mold, cast the bullets, and paper patched. Its a 500gr air cooled wheel weight material.

The rifle is amazing to shoot and I am debating on if I should build one for myself. It will handle everything from the 300gr HP's Barnes makes to 750gr A-MAX....or any surplus 50 bmg bullet. 500-600 grains is about as heavy as you can get a bullet going and still have enough velocity to make it worth it. With a RUM case blown out instead of cut off it would give about .5" more room for powder so the heavier bullets could be drivin faster.
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