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Vomiting deer???

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Unread 10-28-2013, 12:18 PM
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Re: Vomiting deer???

I got a detailed response from the DNR first thing this AM:

I canít say that I have ever observed the tail behavior other than, the fact that you are observing young animals it could be a sheer joy type of behavioróI know I have seen fawns act perfectly normal and then charge off with their legs kicking out, their necks twisting around, jumping into the air, etc. and then act perfectly normal again. So it may be nothing more than youthful enthusiasm. As for the wheezing that sounds like there was probably some type of irritant in the respiratory tract that was causing her to cough/wheeze. It could be nothing more that inhaling some dust/small vegetative parts, etc. and coughing because of that. It is possible that it could be more severe, such as a pneumonia or a pleuritis, but the fact that she acted normal prior to the coughing/wheezing and that you have seen her before and she was fine indicates that it is probably the less severe case. Deer donít really vomitóstomach contents can come out of the stomachs due to pressure/bloat or while being handled, but for them to vomit like a dog does does not occur. The fluid may have been from the respiratory tract or the mouth, but I canít say that I have actually observed this before in a deer. Keep an eye on the animal and her condition will tell you if it was something minor that caused what you saw or if it was something much more severe. There really isnít much that can be done for the animal as far as treating it if indeed it has pneumonia, so all I can really tell you to do is to continue to monitor its condition.

Thought it was interesting. If it turns out that it is instead the first stages of deer turning into zombies, I will advise the forum so we can make preparations.
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