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How has your 25-06 treated you?

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Unread 11-26-2013, 01:45 PM
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Re: How has your 25-06 treated you?

My 25-06 is the one on the top of the picture.

How has your 25-06 treated you?-photo.jpg
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Unread 11-26-2013, 06:01 PM
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Re: How has your 25-06 treated you?

Yep, I'm pretty much sold. Still, I'd like to hear any extra input anyone may have.
I like things that go "bang"... I love things that go "BOOM!"
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Unread 11-26-2013, 06:51 PM
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Re: How has your 25-06 treated you?

My dad has used a 25-06 for yrs on deer and coyotes he loves it. I got a good deal on a Ruger M77 while back and I'm a believer too!!! I will say the older rem corlocks wanted to splash and not penetrate very well up close on broadside shots, the killed ok I guess but left terrible blood trails. We switched to the 117gr hornady interlocks and it's generally bang flop. I took two doe with 115gr winchester silver tips this wkend at 385yd and 440 they were both bang flop never even kicked. Complete pass through on the first deer broadside shot and found a couple fragments in the rump of the second she was quartering to me a little more than I wanted but, its meat in the freezer. They weren't my first choice but when that's all I could find at the local wal-mart they shot good and did the job just fine. For a bean or cornfield rifle they're hard to beat. I killed my first deer at 9-10 with dads rem sendero and had wanted one for a while.
To us the 25-06 is as close to perfect a deer rifle as was ever invented, we've shot them close we've shot them far and they will fill a tag every time we do our part.
Good luck and happy hunting
Post us some pics when you get her built
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Unread 11-26-2013, 07:40 PM
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Re: How has your 25-06 treated you?

the 25-06 is still my favorite round in the cabinet. I have bought, built, and sold every caliber out there and still have my trusty Rem 700 25-06 stocked in B&C and it shoots lights out with 117 grain sierra bullets pushed by 49 grains IMR 4350. I have been amazed at the results that little bullet does. Great round and in the new age of speed it just flat out gets it done!!
~ Steve
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Unread 11-26-2013, 08:17 PM
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Re: How has your 25-06 treated you?

RL 19 and 110 Accubonds have produced DRT on pronghorns for me the last two years. 335 and 285 yards. Almost zero recoil but maybe a touch noisy. With 75gr Vmax and a case stuffed with VV N560 it leaves football size holes in a coyote.
I try not to pick favorites with my rifles but I reach for the .25-06 first quite frequently.
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Unread 11-26-2013, 09:52 PM
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Re: How has your 25-06 treated you?

try the 117 sierra BTSP or the 115 bergers. Both fly extremely straight and accurately out of my rifle. The bergers have the edge in accuracy and wind deflection, but not as much in the penetration game. All shots have resulted in dead deer/ groundhogs. As an all around caliber I can't say enough about my confidence in the 25-06 with 115-117 grain bullets. Sure there is better for lighter and heavier game, but for the game that 90% of Americans shoot every day I don't know of anything better.

All of that being said. I shoot 115 berger from a 26" factory barreled savage at 3135fps using Retumbo and ww cases. Recently hitting center of a rock at 575 yds in a 12 mph wind was no problem.

For a while I tried the 100 grain sierra btsp and matchking at 3200fps using RL-22. Really accurate load but showed severe temp sensitivity and tended to disintegrate on game; so I upped the bullet weight.
Learning every day.
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Unread 11-28-2013, 09:50 AM
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Re: How has your 25-06 treated you?

Three jones, my son bought a heavy barrel Ruger tang model 77 in 25-06 at a moving sale. It had what looks like a custom made thumbhole maple stock and two 3x9 scopes a nice case, all for $260. Cleaned it up, lightened the trigger, epoxy bedded, refinished the stock, 4x16x50 scope and 115 Bergers with H4831 SC. Wow, shot .330 at 100 yds. Tried it on Javalina at 420+ yards and tore the top of the neck and back of the head up. Note: for some reason it shot crappy with Winchester brass, but switched to Hornady brass and the accuracy was there. He will use it on a mule deer hunt as soon as he draws a tag. We both own .257 Wby, but they are not as accurate. Good luck and get the kid hunting.
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