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Barnes triple shock disappointment

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Unread 03-09-2013, 02:50 PM
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Re: Barnes triple shock disappointment

Originally Posted by Dalebow View Post
Ive shot the Barnes TSX and TTSX out of 243, 270, ...

My favorite bullet thus far is the Hornady Inter Bonds in the superformance series but I will be using the 85 gr TSX in my 243 for goats in new mexico if that tells ya anything
I have shot a lot of the 85gr TSX at the range and have a pretty decent load @ 3200 fps. It holds 2" - 3" groups at 300 yards, often 3 cloverleaved @100.

Because of the fact that I won't have time to retest my 270 loads now that Barnes has made a (UNANNOUNCED OR DENOTED ON BOX) change to the 130gr .277 (#27742) bullet profile that I previously developed an accurate load for, I'm considering taking the 243 on a hunt later this month. (I loaded a batch of 270 with the new ogive/length TSX, and they seat .020" deeper using the same die setting as on previous boxes of TSX, so I don't know how they'll behave in terms of impact point or grouping.)

Hogs I'm going after are 90 - 300 lbs., and I'm wondering if the 85gr TSX is enough. Distance will be 10 - 300 yards.

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Unread 03-09-2013, 04:46 PM
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Re: Barnes triple shock disappointment

sound sweet, 243 is flatter than most people think.
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Unread 03-09-2013, 06:27 PM
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Re: Barnes triple shock disappointment

shooting4fun, I too am from california (central valley) and have been shooting TSX & TTSX in my 300wm for about 8 or so years now. I have shot black tail, mule deer and elk, all have been one shot kills. Most dropped right where they stood, only one took a couple of steps, haven't recovered any bullets yet but they have done their job. The accuracy has been very good too. I know some people love them and some hate them. I think shot placement is a big factor with any bullet but construction also plays into that.
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Unread 03-15-2013, 07:58 PM
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Re: Barnes triple shock disappointment

I have used most of the different companies bullets and I would have to say the TTSX and TSX are the best bullets out there for the money equaled and maybe bettered by north fork. I have shout well over 200 animals from dik dik to cape buffalo and have never had a failure. With the 25 cal 100 grain TSX I have shoulder shot over 100 white tails from 20 yards to the longest 673 and have been amazed they were DRT everyone. I can't explain why but they just kill. The 270 TSX in 375 h& h and the 300 TSX in 375 RUM have performed perfectly. I have read about these failures but I have never seen one. I can say the same for nosler ballistic tips on deer sized game.
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Unread 03-17-2013, 12:18 PM
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Re: Barnes triple shock disappointment

what we see as a bullet failing to do the job may not be the whole story . i see alot of guys very fast to blame the bullet when it might be the guy shooting that bullet. i know i will piss a few of you off but im only calling them like i see them.
as a reloading and hunter it is my job repeat my job to see what works well in my rifle and not the salesman doing his/her job in selling all these rifles and reloading stuff. things i like to do is find a bullet or bullets that i think will work in my rifle for what game i will be using it on. just because my friend says he loves barnes or hates them it is my job to see if they will work for me if i choose to try them in my rifle. so i start by working up a good load for my rifle in this case it is a ULA chambered in 25x47 using a barnes TTSX then i shoot this this load to make sure my rifle will shoot this load with some good accuracy. if it passes that test i then start doing some bullet testing into wet phone books @ 20 yrds. this is the testing so many guys never even think about . if there gun shoots into a pie plate @ 100 yrds there heading out after deer/elk never even knowing how well those barnes work in there gun. i had a guy come over last year to do some bullet testing with me into these wet phone books. he was bringing over his 300 super mag and his loads he used the year on an elk which took 2 shots from this combo to put down. i do not know the speed he was shooting his loads or do i remember the bullet he had loaded in them . i do remember that they were not the best for his gun as they went 8 in. into the wet phone books and the recovered bullet had come apart big time, i then shot my little 25 shooting the barnes 80gr. TTSX @ 3104 fps and they go 12in. into the phone books and opened up in the 1st 1 1/2" and opened up and stayed together just fine. what im getting out here is it our job as the 1 shooting the bullet and need to know as best as we can just how well the will work in our gun with our loading not how they might work in some gun writers gun or a friend of a friend. i even go so far as to set up my wet phone books at 100,200.300,and even 400 yrds to see what any given bullet i have loaded will do at those ranges. im sure most of us know just because a bullet shoot well and will open up well at say 100 yrds does not meen it will open up at 400yrds at the speed you might be shooting it at . i have also found that the all mighty barnes bullets do not work well in all of my rifles . this is 1 more area some hunters fall short . they think because a 140 gr TSX works well in there 6.5-284 that a 400gr will work just as well for them in there 416 express
so please keep in mind that when we read a bullet/load compo works well for some gun writer it might not work as well for us. what it can do is give us 1 more load to try and see if it will shoot well in our gun then also do the bullet testing to see if that also passes the test

there is alway going to be that 1 bullet that does something so strange and works so bad on the 1 shot on a deer even after we did all our testing and may have taken 10 deer in 10 yrs with no signs of any problems.
that could be why we are also do more testing and always looking for a better mouse trap.

cheers and keep loading and hunting while we can
i've got a season ticket on a one way ride
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Unread 09-04-2013, 02:29 AM
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Re: Barnes triple shock disappointment

How is it that you are upset with a bullet that killed what you shot at? If you want what you shoot at DRT, shot placement or a round that fragments as soon as it hits the animal. I use barnes, sierra, hornady, you name it. It sometimes comes down to the velocity of the bullet in order to work properly. I have yet to have a problem with a bullet when it kills what i hit . I could care less what the bullet looks like after being shot. I have some 180 grain ttsx, 180 grain e tips, 80 grain gmx, 85 grain sierra gamekings and then the big boys 220 grain sierra round nose bullets. I plan on getting some 338 cal in those types as well. Bottom line if you get upset over one bullet that killed what you shot at because it does not look like what the pictures on the box look like maybe you should just punch paper, JMHO.
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Unread 09-04-2013, 06:32 AM
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Re: Barnes triple shock disappointment

I have used the Barnes TTSX exclusively in Africa on several different species of animals from Cape Buffalo to baboons and it has work as designed, it kills very quickly!
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