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Has anyone bought a Howa in the last year?

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Old 03-01-2011, 08:03 PM
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Re: Has anyone bought a Howa in the last year?


You're possibly right in what you say but I often wonder why is it that in Australia we seem to see or hear a lot about these crook rifles giving their manufacturer a bad name.
Do we somehow get sent the "dregs" from the barrel or what.
I have several mates who bought their Howas and Remmy 700's a few years ago and they all are good and reasonably accurate rifles, however rifles recently purchased seem to be ones we constantly hear or read about that are causing lots of problems and I am not referring to only just one or two either....
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Old 03-02-2011, 02:19 PM
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Re: Has anyone bought a Howa in the last year?

ridge rider, Here in the States the general hunting public are people that can not financially afford better equipment. the majority of American hunters only shoot a few rounds per year and are happy with a rifle that functions and is accurate enough to harvest a deer at 200 yds. Our blessings could very well be your dissapointment. I don't know what your laws or our import - export regulations are. We have to turn our dregs into diamonds as fast and as much as we need or can afford to do.
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Old 03-27-2011, 10:13 PM
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Re: Has anyone bought a Howa in the last year?

Hi Mate,

I can't say that I have ever had a Howa but a very close personal friend whom I shoot with often has owned many. My friend is a professional roo and pig shooter and shoots every night. He certainly loves and does own more expensive rifles but for his job he only uses Howa's.

His previous Howa's have all been sporter models with synthetic stocks in 223 and fitted with Nikko scopes. He would shoot these rifles with hand loads and would easily make the required head shots each and every time. He would simply shoot the rifles until the barrels would wear out and then he would move on to another Howa.

For his current rifle he has moved up in the food chain and got himself a stainless heavy barrel 223 with a laminated stock and once again he is more than happy with it's performance. Fitted with his trusty old Nikko he shoots five shots under half inch at 100 meters without any problems.

His current rifle is now about four months old and shooting like a dream and he loves it. As for the other rifles he never had problems with any of them until the barrels began to wear out from too many rounds through them.

And for the record as I said before he does own several other more expensive rifles including Remington's, Weatherby's and some very interesting custom rifles but for work it's the Howa that gets pulled out of the gun cabinet because it's cheap and shoot great. If he drops it I'm sure he will cry less than if he drop's that MkV.

Go to the range and talk to people who own them and see them shot and even ask to have a shoot. Ask other shooters face to face what they think of them and then you can decide what works for you. Yes you can always buy a more expensive rifle and step up a model but when do you stop. Your the one who will spend the money and at the end of the day you need to be happy with your decision with not a decision which has been forced onto you. Yes the Tikka's are good so are the Remington's, Savage's and Weatherby's but they are all extra and they in turn don't rate against many custom rifles. Get the advice, shoot the gun's and then buy what you can afford and want to spend.

Either way good luck with it and I hope whatever you get shoots well for you.
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Old 03-27-2011, 11:33 PM
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Re: Has anyone bought a Howa in the last year?

Hi mate,

I went ahead a purchased the Howa in 22.250HB (action only) as I don't like the synthetic stocks at all, I purchased a Boyds Stock which fitted like a glove, just beautiful.

I picked up the rifle last week as a matter of fact, and have been running it in over the last week using Remington Factory Core Lokt 55gn PSP'S very good ammo in this Howa.

The first group I shot was a absolute cracker! less than an 1" @ 100m 3 shots in one hole and it has been consistantly doing it ever since, so very happy with the results so far. My wife has never used a rifle at all until the other day and she consistently shot groups of 1.2" @ 100m all day so they really are fantastic value for the money

It has consistency in the pattern it shoots as well no flyers at all just a nice round group so very please with how it is going so far, can't wait to work on some hand loads and see what it will do then. If I could work out how to download the pics of the targets its been shooting I would (I tried but no luck)

So to sum up whether I'd buy another one YOU BLOODY BET MATE they are fantastic value for the money, simple as that, whilst I've never used a sporter barrelled version I certainly can vouch for the HB versions, my mate also has one in 223 HB and it too is very accurate 1/2 in groups at 100m! he's totally wrapped in the purchase he made as well (it too has a Boyds Thumbhole stock) which came new with the rifle - hes not keen on the plastic stocks either.

Thanks for the reply mate

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Old 03-27-2011, 11:49 PM
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Re: Has anyone bought a Howa in the last year?

Originally Posted by ridge rider View Post
No I haven't bought one and never will.
Sorry to speak the truth, but what do you expect for around $500, they are a cheap investment casting, they are heavy and they are a heap of **** from what some of my mates have experienced.
If you have a boat then use one as a boat anchor.
Change your order to a Tikka T3 and you won't be disappointed.
Sorry as I don't mean to offend you.
Have a good day.
It's funny you say that about the Tikka's there was a guy at the range yesterday who would completely disagree with you, he had nothing but trouble extracting the fired cases out of his (he ended up using a lump of wood to open the bolt and get the bloody case out that way) not a good look I can tell you, and the same thing from another guy with his remington a few days before that, it wouldn't even extract the unfired cases! He was really ticked of to say the least brand new and had problems straight away, and heres me with the little Howa firing away without any probs at all having a ball whilst those two with their more fancied brands cursing and swearing at the bloody things, I paid $600 odd for mine and the tikka sells for around $1100 here in Australia, the remington about $100 less than that.

Price and brand is no guarantee of quality - just have a look at Ferarri to see that one! Their very good at instant bombfires apparently.

Each to their own (I've hear some pretty bad things about Tikkas, even from one of the guys who owns a Very well known gunshop in Australia won't touch them because of the trouble they were having with them! Makes me wonder if its all hype how good some products are compared to others, (advertising constantly to reinforce peoples percetions of a particular product etc. All I can say this is the second Howa I have owned and the last one was a tack hole driver (1/4in groups at 100m with handloads. and this one is shaping up to do the same!
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Old 03-29-2011, 03:35 AM
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Re: Has anyone bought a Howa in the last year?

Well done I bet you will have heaps of fun with that rifle. Hope you enjoy and happy hunting.
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Old 03-29-2011, 04:03 AM
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Re: Has anyone bought a Howa in the last year?

Thanks for that Rockatansky,

Certainly am having fun with it, I took it to the range the other day and decided to shoot it at 200m and it managed around 2" so not bad for factory ammo and the shooter could do with a bit more practice on the trigger which is a bit heavy really for trying to get good groups but it will do until I can sort that out, even my wife who has never used a rifle before managed groups of 1-1.2" @ 100m.

What I really like about it is it's consistence of POI which is just amazing!

Your mate knows a good thing when he sees it, they really are excellent value for the money.

Thanks again mate have a good one hey.
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