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What can't .223 kill?

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Unread 06-29-2011, 02:54 AM
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Re: What can't .223 kill?

Originally Posted by Outerspace View Post
100 million dollar question right there.
The answer to that question is bullet selection.
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Unread 06-29-2011, 07:48 AM
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Re: What can't .223 kill?

"The answer to that question is bullet selection" Well this is almost correct. The .223Rem will Kill out side of its category/ Class because of 3 Things, The answer to that question is 1.Bullet selection("construction") 2. Bullet placement. and 3.Twist Rate, The latter has a great bearing on just what a given .223Rem can do, with twist rates that Run as Low as 1-14" (mine would make ragged little holes all day with Hornady 53Gr Flat based HP) the now standard 1-12" then there are 1-10" and Many manufactures now make a 1-9" twit this is quite versatile it still seems to shoot light wight pills quite well(unlike My 1-7" Twist) The 1-9" will also shoot most bullets up to 75Gr's At this point and beyond the .223Rem Becomes sort of a Mini 6.5x55mm Swede? particularly when you get to the 1-8" twist and the 80gr Sierra Match King and other similar pills then there's the 90Gr Match bullet as well with twist of 1-7" and even 1-6.5Twist, not to mention its military applications with the Reverse balanced 62Gr SS109 FMJ Pill( steel core at the front and lead at the rear of the bullet ( hence the tight twist of 1-7" for a 62Gr FMJ) as a Note SS109 Pill will shoot just fine from a 1-9" twist But I suspect that it may become Unstable sooner in flight than When shot from the mil: spec: 1-7" Twist? For my all time favourite Goat Hunting rifle and load ( Australian Feral Goats in the Small mountains of the Flinders Range in Southern Australia) I run a Custom Sako L461 with a 23"heavy fluted barrel with a 1-7" and short throat to suit the SS109 but I hunt with a Hand load using the Winchester 64Gr Power Point Pill it is a well constructed Lite skinned Game Projectile with Muzzle velocity that starts out Just under( near enough to ) 3200FPS, This load zeroed just a fraction High at 300Meters allows me to hold dead on the shoulder from 200 to 300M it peaks at about 175+meters so at 100 to 175meters I simply put 3/4's of the goats shoulder on top of my cross hair for a centre hit, this load combo at 250M's with a side on shoulder shot WILL All Ways Break both shoulders and Exit taking the Heart and Lungs with it, With about a 10" kill Zone and a 8X Scope and near to No Recoil this is a very effective tool on said feral goats, failure are only experienced with other brands of bullets never with the Winchester 64 Grain-er as it leaves a exit hole on the far side of about .50Cal ( lets just say that you can well and truly put your finger all the way into the Exit hole) with so many different twist rates ( more than any other calibre) and a good range of bullet weights (35Gr to 90Gr and Iv seen 100 Gr bullets listed for sale "custom ) the .223Rem(5.56NATO) Is Truly a Very Versatile round indeed ( the effective killing ability with the Current FMJ Mil: Spec: pill will Never equal the abilities of appropriate Hunting Soft/Hollow Points when used on Game) 300+ dead Goats can't be wrong? ( 25 in Just one Ambush) Quote of the Day is... The only Good Feral Goat ......... is Meat on the Table. Cheers All, From Aussie Hunter.
If hunting becomes boring? then sell your gun and buy a lesser one and hunt a new species As You Have become to comfortable with what you have? Hunting should be a challenge to YOUR Skill set?Cheers Aussie Hunter
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Unread 06-29-2011, 10:26 AM
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Re: What can't .223 kill?

So.... what couldn't a .223 kill? Well I'm pretty sure it couldn't kill me; if I saw them first.
Time to lighten up, it's getting to philosophical
I think most everyone here knows what .223 might and might not kill. And understands under what circumstance. I watched an Inuit on a hunting video years ago kill a “very large polar bear” on the open ice... with only his dog's and a .222 Remington rifle...
He walked up to it, while the dogs kept the bear busy and killed it with one shot to the head; he was so close, it looked like he was shooting up hill. The cameraman looked like he was quite always back; I’m sure with a back up rifle. But never the less the .222 Remington put the bear away. I think we all know that the .222 and the .223 are pretty much in the same class in the power and performance curve. Is the .222 Remington a Polar Bear rifle? I don’t believe so. Can it kill a Polar Bear? Yep. So could a .223 kill a Polar Bear? Yep again. I don’t really think there’s anything living today a .223 can’t kill under the right circumstance and proper bullet martial, with the exception of a great gray whale; which I believe someone has already said; do to the amount of penetration you’d need to get to the brain.
So… what couldn’t the .223 kill, like I said; me if I see them first.
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