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Texas Hog Hunting help

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Unread 01-16-2014, 05:58 AM
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Re: Texas Hog Hunting help

Anywhere south and east of the Llano Estacado is potentially good hog country. Once you get up on the Llano though water gets scarce which severely limits hog populations.

Anywhere in the rest of N. TX you have a combination of agriculture and ranching you will find hogs.

Wheat fields and Hay pastures make for great long range shooting opportunities during the fall, winter, and spring, and even in the summer after the hay/wheat are harvested. Even better if you can get on those places during harvest because they'll push large herds of hogs out as they are cutting.

The problem is getting access. Leasing hunting rights is the rule up here and while the farmers and ranchers hate hogs, they'd for the most part rather not have people hunting them unless they are paying for the privilege to do so. For many they are just another resource to use to pay the bills either by leasing the hunting rights or by trapping and selling the hogs themselves.
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Unread 01-16-2014, 08:51 AM
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Re: Texas Hog Hunting help

Originally Posted by .30US View Post
East Texas has some pretty nice pastures to hunt across, and a lot of power lines to hunt down in Southeast Texas. Going further north in East Texas and it's rolling pastures bordered by dense woods. I hunt Southeast Texas, north of Houston quite a bit on the edges of what's known as the Big Thicket. There are still long shots available, but they're often narrow shooting lanes down logging trails or power line/sewer right of ways.

South Texas has some of your best bets for big hogs. I like LaSalle County around Cotulla and Encinal, but anything down there is going to probably have good size hogs. Take snake leggings (not just boots) in the warmer months of Feb.-Nov., you'll thank me, especially if you have to go off a road to recover a hog. The brush is thick down in this area, but some of the senderos are really long, and it's pretty typical to put stands elevated at intersections of senderos giving you a good view, but, again, narrow firing lanes.

West Texas is one of my favorite places to hunt, but I don't get to often enough, and wasn't into long range hunting back when I used to hunt out there frequently. Anywhere from the Davis Mountains south to Big Bend is going to have a mix of hogs and javelina, and wide open areas to shoot. It's rugged and changes from rolling to rocky, but is some of the prettiest scenery Texas has to offer. If you've heard about antelope being a challenge to hunt, the area north of Ft. Davis will make you question it; herds stand right off the road and you can even get out and watch them from 50-100 feet away with them paying no concern.

Far West Texas is what I consider anything west of about Van Horn, TX. My family has a lot of property out in southern Hudspeth County. It's all desert, scrub brush, sand, and rolling terrain. Perfect for taking long shots, but I have yet to see anything worth hunting on our land out there. I hear that as you go north into the Guadalupe Mountains area, there might be more worth hunting, but I haven't been up there.

Central Texas is great hunting, if you can find access to land at a reasonable cost. When my buddies and I used to get bored in college, we'd head east out of Austin to a friend's property and always find hogs. At one friend's ranch, long shots were easy to come by, but at another's it was more heavily wooded. I've seen plenty of hogs on the sides of the road or in fields through most of central TX, and often wished I could hunt some of the places from Dripping Springs to Fredericksburg to Canyon Lake to Mason.

Someone else will have to chime in about the northern parts of Texas, as I've never hunted up there nor spent a lot of time.

Open area is something we have in abundance, fortunately.
Thanks to everyone. Thanks 30 for taking the time for so much info
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Unread 01-16-2014, 09:55 AM
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Re: Texas Hog Hunting help

Glad to help. If you have any more questions, post 'em or shoot me a message. A friend's best friend's family owns this ranch, and she highly recommends it: The Callaghan Ranch LTD
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