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Is this legal in TX

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Unread 10-04-2009, 04:05 PM
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Re: Is this legal in TX

Good comments. I saw in another thread earlier that somebody had 40 some hogs shot by gov't agents in a day, that is a lot of body mass. Am wondering how these bodies are disposed of.

Am also wondering how suppressors may be able to up the body count if you run into a group of hogs.
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Unread 10-04-2009, 08:58 PM
dwm dwm is offline
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Re: Is this legal in TX

The 60 to 80 pounders are the best eating as are the fairly big sows.

For the most part the big boar hogs are pretty nasty and sometimes quite aggressive. We don't eat them. These things can easily weigh 350 to 400 lbs and then some. Try throwing one of those on the 4 wheeler or truck by yourself!

The vultures and coyotee have to eat too you know.

Oh, and the hogs that got away will quite likely come back and eat the big nasty dead one, they pretty much eat anything.

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Unread 10-04-2009, 10:31 PM
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Re: Is this legal in TX

Don't get me wrong, I would like to make the cats and coyotes fat on pig.

But I'm from Washington State where improperly disposing of TP will get you sent to Gitmo or some other CIA dungeon.

I wonder if you can shoot a hog and leave it or will you get in trouble.

I would love to visit TX and help with the overpopulation, I simply cannot process as many hogs as I want to kill.
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Unread 10-04-2009, 11:10 PM
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Re: Is this legal in TX

if ya shoot more than ya can process drop me a line, i'll gladly help lighten that load for ya.. lol i can bbq all winter.. and setting up a few for some yote bait i doubt any of the folks would worry too much about it.. just make sure you have the landowners permission for that..
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Unread 10-05-2009, 01:06 AM
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Re: Is this legal in TX

You live in Humble? I lived there for 6 months in the early 90's, just off the FM 1960 if I recall right.

Let me know where there are some good hog lands within a few hours of you and I will see what I can do for you.
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Unread 10-07-2009, 02:34 PM
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Re: Is this legal in TX

The letter from TPWD helps quite a bit for some,

Nongame and Other Species

NONGAME ANIMALS (Includes, but is not limited to the following):
EXOTIC ANIMALS AND FOWL Exotic animal refers to grass-eating or plant-eating, single-hoofed or cloven-hoofed mammals that are not indigenous or native to Texas and are known as ungulates, including animals from the deer and antelope families that landowners have introduced into this state. Includes, but is not limited to feral hog, Aoudad sheep, Axis deer, Elk, Sika deer, Fallow deer, Blackbuck antelope, Nilgai antelope, and Russian boar.

Although the Warden said that feral hogs are considered/treated as exotics, they still fall under non-game species.... just as Axis, Aoudad, Sika, Elk, etc. are considered Exotics, they'd be considered non-game (same section of the law as feral pigs, and assuming that the Warden understands it as I do, that means silencers for those types of animals as well).

There is a company/outfitter in East Texas (Tactical Hog Control) that offers suppressed night/thermal hunts... so it's more than obvious a company like that can be doing that for a living, and being perfectly legal at the same time.

As the warden said, keep all NFA paperwork on hand, and for those travelling with NFA items, ALWAYS check with BATF prior to crossing state lines. That should be a moot point however, if you own and possess an NFA item.

Long Live Texas.... and Long Live Liberty!
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