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A Request for Congressional Investigation Into The Ammunition Shortage

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Unread 03-23-2014, 02:40 PM
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Re: A Request for Congressional Investigation Into The Ammunition Shortage

I can see where you'd feel it is a "dichotomy" to attempt to enjoin the efforts of my congressional representatives. A Republic relies on the will of the people, law and it's lawmakers to enforce that law so as to exercise the checks and balances which ensure the freedoms and rights which are guaranteed to all Americans by the Constitution as well as the Bill of Rights.

This government is going rogue, hell bent on socialism and the destruction of the Republic and subjugation of it's people.

Accordingly, by law, reasonable time must be afforded to our representatives in order to allow them the opportunity to re-establish the rule of law and regain order within our government. They must act aggressively, decisively and quickly if our system of government is to exist, if our Republic and Constitution are to survive.

Therefore, this is why we must all continue to implore our representatives to intervene in the madness which is stripping Americans of their rights and income, destroying our economy, gutting our national defense (are you aware that Bristol Motor Speedway, when fully seated, holds more than 1/3 of what the Secretary of Defense, aka Presidential lackey, has proposed for active duty personnel in the new standing army?) while giving billions of dollars to terrorist countries in aide? (Egypt, Palestine-Hamas, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea, Somalia, Oman, Libya, Iraq, the U.N. just to name a few). How many millions of dollars is this trip to China (just after a Florida vacation) by the "first family and mother in law", to smooch some Chinese ass and fill their wardrobes, going to cost me as a taxpayer?

We must also remind our representatives that our patience and tolerance, both national and individual, is not infinite, and they as our voice and our arm, must speak loudly and act decisively before our patience and tolerance diminish into frustration and angst.

November elections are just eight very short months away. If our Republic is to survive past this November, an incredibly enormous effort must be put forth by those who desire to unseat this liberal socialist travesty of a government. The kidd gloves must come off because this Republic is worth blooding some knuckles politically and that's what it's going to take. Right now, I only see hands stuffed deep into inactive, complacent, lined pockets. The RNC must become energized to a point just short of out and out activism. This administration and senate have mastered the art of repeating and repeating and repeating a lie until it is accepted as a truth. It's time to take them to task, spare no means to reveal the sham of a government we have in Washington as well as rip down the cloak of media propaganda and collusion which is a nightly puppet advocate for the socialist desires and intent of the administration.

So, for now, I will continue to write my representatives and express my dismay while imploring them to exert every possible means at their disposal to stop the destruction of our Republic and Constitution. But I will also remind my representatives that the will of the people is what really governs this country, and that they serve us at our leisure. The government should fear it's people, the people should never live in fear of it's government. That's why we have the Constitution and the separation of government. The President has only one telephone and one pen. We, the people have millions of telephones and pens. We have to be as willing to use them to preserve our way of life as he is to change it.

Hence the 'dichotomy'.

Animo et fide "Courage and Faith"

Never live in fear.


"History does not long trust the care of freedom to the weak or timid" Dwight David Eisenhower
Sic Semper Tyrannis...Veritas et Aequitas

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