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Reply from Seantor Carl Levin

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Unread 02-01-2013, 10:38 PM
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Re: Reply from Seantor Carl Levin

Originally Posted by SidecarFlip View Post
"Give me 8 more years of BUSH !!! Atleast I knew where he stood !!!"

I'd even take Nixon over Obama. At least Nixon admitted he was crooked.
Good point !

I believe we are seeing Obamas true colors now and its only going to get worse the last 4 years that he serves .
His stand is directly against anything prosperous for our country..........

We need to stand firm and stand together now more than ever!!
"Molon Labe"
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    Unread 02-01-2013, 11:27 PM
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    Re: Reply from Seantor Carl Levin

    As I stated a long time ago, I voted for Obama over McCain and Palin because I was wooed by his promises, none of which he delivered except spiraling debt and more entitlement, I'm suprised we've got to this point without national bankruptcy.

    Second time around I voted for Romney. He wasn't my first choice but better than Obama. I'm a Ron Paul supporter so I guess that makes me a Teabagger though I'm not active in any political movement except this one.

    I don't see (at this juncture) that all the grandstanding by Obama is going to amount to much other than possibly a tightening of the background checks and a possible reinstatement of the Clinton/Feinstein Assault Rifle ban, neither of which really impacts me.

    What does impact me and you and everyone else is the 'assault' on the Constitution. It's noting more than thinly veiled attack by Obama at maligning the Constitution for his agenda and that is a totarian government.

    You have to disarm the citizens so there is no way the citizens can defend themselves against a tyranical government, excatly what Obama desires.

    You really think for second that with the Constitution expunged along with the Bill of Rights, that Obama will continue the entitlement scharade? Of course not. At that point, Chancellor Obama will cut off the entitlement, the government sponsored 'free cheese' to all that want it and Obama will say, 'get to work' for the government or go somewhere and die...

    He isn't stupid, or I should say, his handlers aren't stupid. This isn't him doing this, it's his bosses. Just follow the money trail. It leads right back to the people who are really in charge, not Obama. He's just a mouthpiece.

    Like J. Rothschild said in the 1930's "He who controls the money, controls the people". Goggle up the Bilderberg Group and read about it. It's quite enlightening. When this country went to a fiat standard for currency, it was all down hill and that occured over 90 years ago but thats not germane to whats happening now other than what is occuring right now started a long time ago. before the NRA, before the AR was invented, before modern firearms. This is nothing more than a climax to whats been brewing for a long time...

    Please understand something...NO MATTER WHO WE VOTE FOR AS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, NOTHING WILL CHANGE UNTIL THE PEOPLE UNITE AND STAND AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT AS ONE. I know thats a strong statement but fact of the matter is..."United we stand, divided we fall". Obama and his tactics are all about keeping the citizens divided, and he's good at it.... He's a professional politician after all.

    Being a politician is all about compromise. Obama will compromise this time, however, he will mount another attack and another attack but always compromising, giving a bit each time until he meets his goal, disarming the citizens. It's a game of chess. He moves, we move, he moves we move, each time he moves, he calculates his moves to achieve a checkmate. We are on the defensive, he's the agressor. Thats how it works, like it or not.

    At some point. he will achieve his goal. Maybe not in my lifetime or yours, but it will happen. The real controllers of this country have lots of patience and they've been playing this game a long time. We are the pawns in the chess game.

    The only way to defeat this tyranny is to stand united and firm. Thats sends the message that we had a bellyfull and we aren't taking anymore ****.. Until then, they keep playing chess with our rights.
    'It's not about me, it's about we'..........
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    Unread 02-05-2013, 08:32 PM
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    Re: Reply from Seantor Carl Levin

    I also sent him a letter and got the same ******** response you got. This guy is a clown that just sticks to the talking points form his party,that is a problem for a lot of these retards. I even offered to take him hunting pigs with me to show him how ars could be used for hunting. I cant believe this guy will get elected again.
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    Unread 02-05-2013, 11:34 PM
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    Re: Reply from Seantor Carl Levin

    This is scary:

    "History does not long trust the care of freedom to the weak or timid" Dwight David Eisenhower
    Sic Semper Tyrannis...Veritas et Aequitas

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    Unread 02-05-2013, 11:52 PM
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    Re: Reply from Seantor Carl Levin

    At least I got a written snail mail response. Better than I got from Stabenow. I got a form letter e-mail from her that basically put forth no opinion whatsoever. I know she has one but she's not telling because it might cause her to loose votes and her well paid position. I've never received anything from Richardville, Snyder, our local Sherrif, Obama, Biden, Bohner, Reid, Pelosi or anyone else in the dozens of letters I wrote, not e-mail, hand written, letters sent on my dime......., excuse me 50 cents. You can't mail anything for a dime, not even a postcard today.....

    At least Levin comes right out and states he's a gun grabber, I'll give him credit for that. You don't want to take him hunting. He'd have coronary thrombosis 50 feet from the truck...... 'Work' for most politicians is tying their shoelaces.

    They are all taking, walking bobble heads but the only way to remove them is by voting. Like Dingell. That coot is so old I bet he can't remember where he parks his car at.

    See, the problem is the uninformed sheeple keep reelecting them again and again.

    I really wish that people would , one look a the issues, 2, look at the voting record and how many absents were recorded, 3, look at how a particular representative voted and then make an educated vote based on knowledge, not what your union says to do or your buddy, or your wife or the media. All one has to do is some research, it's all out there to be plucked...and then vote with knowledge. Thats lacking today and why we have bobble heads running the government.

    On another subject, I see the animal rights activits want the State of Michigan to put a moratorium on wolf hunting in the upper, even though the wolves are decimating the deer herds, farm livestock and even domestic pets like dogs and cats.

    I love all these special interest groups. What about the rights of everyone else...They care less. I'd like to hunt them.... I'd show 'em what it's like to be hunted. They might enjoy the interaction.....Idiots.
    'It's not about me, it's about we'..........
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    Unread 02-06-2013, 09:10 AM
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    Re: Reply from Seantor Carl Levin

    Guys, I'm really scared...

    Not physically scared, but scared for the existence of the country I grew up in, fought for and have loved all my life.

    Today my wife called me in Afghanistan from Virginia.. she was in tears. She too is scared..

    She began to tell me that the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA wants to use drones to attack and kill AMERICAN CITIZENS who he considers a threat and whom he labels as 'terrorists'... but she couldn't finish because she was so upset.

    He wants authorization to use drones on AMERICAN SOIL to attack AMERICANS!

    Think about that!

    The Attorney General sees no problem with it and thinks it's a good idea.

    Diane Feinstein thinks there is not an issue.

    The appointee for Director of the CIA was 'lost in the sauce' and oblivious.

    A group of Senators wrote a letter to the President so that he may 'clarify' the intent of the memo.

    The senators said they believe there are "circumstances" where a U.S. president can use "lethal force" against Americans who "choose to take up arms" against their country, "just as President Lincoln had the authority to direct Union troops to fire upon Confederate forces during the Civil War."

    As I recall.. those 'Confederate forces' were only attempting to exercise their rights as states separate from the federal government.

    So... a scenerio if I may...

    A northwestern state's sheriffs have grouped together and organized against Federal authorities entering their jurisdictions to enforce the President's 28th Amendment to the Constitution which repeals and negates the 2nd Amendment.

    The Govenor of the state has refused to use the state's national guard troops to support the federal authorities confronting the sheriffs.

    Citizens of these counties have gathered to support their brave law enforcement officers.

    The commander of the federals sees that his meger forces are overwhelmed by the superior numbers of armed citizens and sheriffs confronting them.

    A call goes out to the Attorney General, he calls the President stating his federal marshals are being confronted by 'terrorists' who are in superior numbers and recommends the use of force against the 'terrorists'.

    The President sees this as another means to enforce his socialist edicts and orders the Joint Chiefs of Staff to launch an armed drone attack against the 'terrorist cell' opposing and threatening his authority.

    The President does not have to justify the use of armed drones against American citizens on American soil defending American rights because the AMERICAN SENATE has given him the authority to kill American citizens he considers to be a threat.

    The President knows if he were to order US Troops into the state it would be seen as an 'invasion' of the state by his government. The people would see American soldiers killing American citizens defending their rights. This would not play well on the 11pm news.

    So he just brands the sheriffs and the citizens as 'terrorists' so that they may neatly fit into the Senate's authorization to use armed drones against American citizens on American soil.. no muss, no fuss.. they're 'terrorists' .. not citizens!

    Somewhere in a small building on Langley AFB in Virgina, controllers launch several Rapier armed drones from secret bases in Colorado, which is a federalist state and has already succomed to the 28th Amendment.

    The Commander of Joint Chiefs informs the President, who in turn informs the Attorney General that his marshals have armed drones enroute and to 'mark their targets'.

    Quietly and unknowingly the sheriffs and citizens are lased by several spotters hidden in the vicinity. The Rapiers' controllers in Virginia acknowledge acquisition of their targets and request that the federals withdraw.

    Seeing the marshals begin to withdraw the citizens and sheriffs begin to gather and celebrate their apparent victory. This only makes the kill zone denser.

    The Rapier controllers indicate weapons hot, then 'fox 1, fox 2'.

    A few of the folks in the crowd hear a distant 'popping' sound and turn to look up into the sky in the direction of the noise... to see the last thing they'll ever see.

    A monitor in the White House displays the scene to a group summoned there by the President and Vice President. This group includes the White House 'misinformation specialist', a couple of senators from the joint terrorism task force, and the Director of the CIA. The Director of the FBI and Attorney General are watching from down the street in the Hoover Building.

    The cover story is generated and agreed upon by all present and the 'misinformation specialist' calls a press conference. He regails the President's victory over a group of armed terrorists associated with foreign entities who had attacked federal authoities who were merely attempting to enter the state.

    The media jumps on this like starving wolves on a chicken carcass. Soon the socialist press has the public brainlessly drooling over the President's use of force on American soil against American terrorists.

    .... just a scenerio right.

    First destroy the economy...

    Second take down the middle class and rich...

    Third disarm the public...

    Fourth remove the resistance...

    Fifth foreign troops on US soil to 'reinforce' the meger drawn down US Forces...

    And no term limits to boot.

    I am scared..very scared.

    Let Senator Levin know for me.

    Animo et Fide "Courage and Faith"


    "History does not long trust the care of freedom to the weak or timid" Dwight David Eisenhower
    Sic Semper Tyrannis...Veritas et Aequitas

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    Unread 02-06-2013, 11:48 AM
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    Re: Reply from Seantor Carl Levin


    I have been thinking about a similar scenario for a while. It is scary as hell. All I can hope is that those fighting this in congress right now continue to do so and win. I would also hope that someone within the chain of command that you just described would fail to carry out their orders, that they would realize what they are being asked to do and refuse to do so on principle and Constitutional Oath, but who knows, and that is the scariest part of it. Too many have lost sight of what it is to be an American citizen. There are too many uninformed individuals who are existing on entitlements, and therefor have no desire to become informed or productive. All you need to do is look at any of the comment sections online about Chris Kyle, a true American Hero, and you can see how many have lost touch with any reality. These people are the enemy IMO, but that is beside the point. I hope there will be enough good men and women left to say NO.

    Having said all of this, any confrontation would become ugly in a hurry. The U.S. Military has the citizens of this nation far outgunned in every regard, other than numbers, if it were to come down to a civil war. There are drones, helicopters, jets, cruise missiles, smart bombs and on and on to contend with if push comes to shove. Your scenario and what I just listed are the reasons why we need to voice our opinions and continue to write our senators/congressmen/sheriffs and anyone else "in charge" at this point. We need to get every gun owner we can into the NRA and fight all of this before it continues. The results if we fail now will be ugly in the extreme! But, I will become drone fodder if it comes to it in the end. I just hope, and literally pray, that we can stop it before that point is reached. Thanks for your post Doc. It's something that has been heavy on my mind as well. The government has been setting this up for a while with the "civil unrest" camps, ability to call UN soldiers to "protect" the U.S., and now the drones.

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