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"the military has bought up all the ammuntion due to spent ammo 10 years ago"

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Unread 03-18-2013, 08:49 AM
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Re: "the military has bought up all the ammuntion due to spent ammo 10 years ago"

Originally Posted by bigngreen View Post
That transpired and was adjudicated when Obummer was first elected. Keep in mind that OFMB comes in various grades. You have the select fire grade, the range grade and the 'I picked them up out of the dirt' grade, all saleable at auction.

All thats transpiring is directly attributable to the 'panic buy' that occured in the last couple months. When I hear about people tapping their retirement savings to buy components, or should I say, factory loaded ammunition, I have to scratch my head in wonderment.

Keep in mind that Federal Lake City is primarily producing Mil spec assemblies for the military, not civillian use in the first place. Might not be Federal anymore, I hear the cintract changed hands again.
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Unread 03-29-2013, 08:40 PM
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Re: "the military has bought up all the ammuntion due to spent ammo 10 years ago"

[QUOTE=SidecarFlip;780491]Care to substantiate your claim, especially the one about the Mil brass being destroyed?

I think you are full of phooey myself and if you can't substantiate it, I know you are.

So, man up and provide substantiative links, If not apologize for posting something stupid. We'll forgive you.[QUOTE]

I know most of the brass we turn in to the two Ammo Supply Points we use gets sold...mostly for scrap.
We only have to turn it in for accountability, in other words so they know we used it and didn't take it home.
A few years ago they took up every bundle of camo netting and the alluminum poles that go with it from our brigade. There was a big parking lot full of pallets with stacks of these things, some still in the plastic bags unopened. There were litterally hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of them. They were transported out to be incinerated and the poles sold for scrap.
I hardly ever doubt the extent of our government's fraud-waist-and abuse.

They do crazy stuff all the time, I've been told on numerous accounts that they couldn't get us the 118LR rounds so we had to hit the range with delinked M240B ammo. When I know there are thousands of the LR rounds in a bunker nearby. I know this for fact because that unit has to get an outside source to do an invitory every so often, and I've done it several times the past few years. For the past several years we have been using .50 BMG ammo for our Barretts that was made in the 40's, and we had a shortage in '07 during one of my Iraq deployments. However, I cannot see what the military stocking up on 5.56, 7.62, .50 BMG, etc has to do with me not being able to get .338 MatchKings. Unless the manufacturers are just not making them and instead focusing on what the gov wants/needs. You never know, it could be for a good reason...like North Korea.
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