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AR's are flying off the shelf!!

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Unread 07-17-2014, 12:04 AM
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Re: AR's are flying off the shelf!!

Originally Posted by Augustus View Post
I would say the vast majority of Americans would turn in all their weapons when push comes to shove. Most Americans now are dependent on the government for their existence. When one ponders exactly who is in a state of dependancy, the usual suspects come to mind. Around 48 percent of the population is on foodstamps, about fifty percent of all babies born is out of wedlock, most of these will receive government assistance of some kind. A fair amount of the population is living in government housing, millions has free Obama phones, tens of millions receive direct cash welfare benefits. These are the ones that generally come to mind when one thinks of government handouts.

So, who else is dependent. Let's see, school teachers, firemen, policemen, sanitation workers, military personel, government workers of all stripes, folks on social security, folks on assisted living programs, folks on Medicare and Medicaid, dairy farmers, corn farmers producing corn for ethanol, anyone who works for or is retired from General Motors, General Electric and a host of other companies who have sold their soul.

Add to the list all folks in the U.S. Whose retirement check is signed by a government official. Now, the list will include every man woman and child now living in America thanks to Obamacare.

By the time the government demands that you turn in your firearms, there will be laws in place that will require you to do so in order to receive benefits. Who is going to resist when they have a sick child who can't get treatment because there is a firearm in the home, what military veteran is going to resist when their retirement check stops coming in the mail. What General Motors employee is going to resist when the union boss tells him he can no longer be part of the union and can no longer be empolyed.

So you say, the Federal Government would never use the powers of the bureaus to impose their will on the public! Really, the IRS has already been used in this way, and it looks as though several members or Congress were pressuring them to do so. President Obama is on record encouraging his supporters to reward his friends and punish his enemies.

So, I said all that to say this. There will be precious few resist when the Progressives come for your weapons. Those that do will be deemed terrorists and will be squashed post haste. The media will cover up all the atrocities that will be committed during the purge and after a brief and limited struggle, the disarming of America will be complete.

When the smoke clears, the folks will still have their free stuff---- for a while. Eventually the rest of the world will come to understand we have screwed them by printing counterfeit money. The dollar will lose it's current status and will be replaced by something else. The counterfeit money supply will dry up as will all the freebies.

The elitist will circle the wagons and most of the resources will be held by a few. Very poor conditions will persist for the masses. Since the masses are not armed, the elitist have little to fear and will be able to maintain control until conditions become so unbearable that there is a massive revolt. Who knows what happens after that.
Well said Augustus, and I agree. Developing productive relationships sooner than later is worth ones time.
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