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anti-gun politics at my son's school.

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Unread 12-24-2012, 07:12 PM
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Re: anti-gun politics at my son's school.

Originally Posted by crazyhorse View Post
Hold on to your hats for this one!

I'm a lieutenant for the Sheriff's Office in my town, a very large town in the south I might add. One of my sergeants went to visit his daughter for lunch one day last month and the principal asked him if he could leave his gun outside because it might "scare the kids"!!!!

Luckily he refused and told her that there was no policy requiring that and went to see his daughter. He called me in the mean time in the event she called to complain. After I took a few deep breaths I told him under no circumstance is he to EVER remove his gun while in uniform! He agreed and was just looking for reassurance. I had to take a walk after that one!!!!
Thank you officer for your service and let your men know that we appreciate them as well . Have a merry Christmas.
"Molon Labe"
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Unread 12-24-2012, 07:21 PM
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Re: anti-gun politics at my son's school.

The original thread is 3 years old BTW. I found it interesting to read how Mayor Daily (replaced by Rahm Emanuel) was enacting limits on semi-automatic rifles

The fight is never over, it's continuous as this thread graphcally illistrates.....
'It's not about me, it's about we'..........
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Unread 12-24-2012, 10:53 PM
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Re: anti-gun politics at my son's school.

Always let them and everyone around you know what you think. There maybe someone in there that takes everyones silence as approval.

There is something that can trump the irate minority and that is an irate majority. It's hard to do I know because those of us with more than half a brain try to get along and not make trouble.

I think I would have got up and said something like. "Is it me or does anyone else think this is left wing propaganda?" "I'm out of here." Then maybe do what Bigsky said.

As a full time high school teacher maybe I can offer you a little useful advice. If you don't like it, raise a stink. Call the administration, write a letter to editor of the local paper. Get a couple other parents that agree with your views to call the school. Raise a little little hell at the next school board meeting and PTA meeting. Guarantee you'll get results. Nothing gets administrators attention faster than a verbal P.O.'ed parent. Hey, the liberal, limp wristed, anti God crowd have been doing for years and it works. Make your voice heard, make a difference.
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Unread 12-29-2012, 12:31 AM
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Re: anti-gun politics at my son's school.

Just a small share or add to this post.
I came home from work the other day this week and after reading this post i decided to ask my 12 yr old and 15 yr old about possible anti gun BS at school...my responce from the 12 yr old was they talked about the shooting and the teacher told them it had nothing to with guns and it was a medical mental health issue!!! My 15 yr old said she hadnt heard nothin. My thoughts were im lucky they dont go to a big citie school, differant additude i guess.
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