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I need some help with Venison sausage

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Unread 11-14-2012, 08:08 PM
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Re: I need some help with Venison sausage

This is really good to know. I think for my next batch, I am not going to smoke them. I may just try a tiny bit of the liquid smoke just for flavor. I cook store bought brats all the time. I normally poke holes in the casing and soak them in beer for about 6-12 hours. I usually biol them in the beer for a minute or two and finish them off on the grill. I am assuming that I can do the same thing with venison brats. For some reason I was under the impression that you had to smoke them for preservation purposes. Like I said, I am really new to all this so I apppreciate all the help. I will definately check out that butchers place you mentioned. I plan on hopefully getting 1 more deer this season if not 2. I want to do about 20-30 pounds of jerkey as well.
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Unread 11-27-2015, 08:20 PM
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Re: I need some help with Venison sausage

morning, here in TX we mix our sausage 50%deer,20%beef and 30%pork. we do all

our own grinding, mixing and seasoning. every body has there own seasoning mix.

we use garlic, kosher salt, hand ground pepper, red pepper to taste. mix a small batch

of sausage into patties. we fry patties in a iron skillet. taste and add more seasoning

if necessary. we buy and clean our sausage casings. we wash our casings in warm

water and turn them insideout. we keep the casing in a bowl of warm water while

stuffing the casing. if we can find pork casing we will use them if not we use beef

casing. u can take the sausage to a meat market to have the sausage smoked, not

more than 3 days. then a person can have the sausage wrapped at the meat market

r wrap urself. if a person wants to dry the sausage they put the links on poles

in there garage inbetween the rafters. space the sausage 8" apart. outside

temperature 45Deg. to 30deg. and dry to ur preferred hardness. use vacuum

machine and put the freezer. the seasoning in home made sausage

makes the difference. as the sausage ages the taste will increase.

Last time we made sausage the process took almost 3 days. 1 calf 450lbs, 2 hogs

roughly 225lbs piece, 5 deer. we skinned, cleaned, deboned in 1 night till midnight.

Next morning we cut up all the meat, we ground all the meat, weight 100lbs patches

seasoned patches to owners taste. stuffed 100 cases or more for that batch. we made

6 100lb patches. while we were making sausage. we took all of the bones of the

cleaned animals put them in 5 black kettles with fire and boiling water. put the bones

in the kettles. boiled the meat off of the bones. straining the bones from the meat

on the bones. put on a table. removed any excess pieces of bone from the meat

put meat back in 2 kettles added seasoning and corn meal. made our breakfast

ponous. filled meatloaf trays with ponous and let cool to a gel formed over the meat.

roughly 80lbs of breakfast ponous. we smoked the deer ribs on pit and ate with

hot sauce made breakfast tacos. lots of fun very tedious work.
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