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Survival gear

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Unread 01-01-2012, 07:44 PM
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Re: Survival gear

The fuel canisters you buy from jetboil are a mixture of propane and butane. They say the propane gives it better pressure in colder temps. And the butane gives it better pressure when the fuel level gets low.

Bravo you are right a space blanket is not nearly as rugged as a tarp. But for me a tarp is a little too much to carry.

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Unread 01-01-2012, 10:56 PM
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Re: Survival gear

SOL Emergency Bivvy - Free Shipping at REI.com 3.8 ounces

Here is apparently a heavier version at 8.9 ounces: http://www.rei.com/product/813513/sol-thermal-bivvy

I pack one of these and prefer if over a space blanket as it is much more efficient than a blanket, having had the experience of spending a few nights with just a space blanket.

I always carry a complete set of Bridgedale socks (light [Bridgedale Coolmax Liner] and heavy [Bridgedale Endurance Summit]), Patagonia Capilene underwear, Capilene long underwear bottom and Capilene long underwear tops as a backup. I made a small, nearly waterproof stuffsack that holds these clothes tightly. This doubles as my rear bag. Anytime you can get gear to do two things at once for you, you're making your life lighter in the woods. If I need that dry, warm underlayer of backup cloths, I probably won't be worrying too much about needing a rear bag.
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Unread 01-01-2012, 11:10 PM
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Re: Survival gear

Jmden. That's pretty sweet. I may meed to order one of those

" Real elk guns start with the number 3 or bigger and blow two holes, one in and one out." - My Dad
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Unread 01-03-2012, 05:08 PM
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Re: Survival gear

I don't go off a paved road without survival gear in my pack. To many people find themselves dead from exposure, dehydration, heat stroke and any other number of poor sounding ways to ruin a good trip for me not to carry it.

Most times I am backpack hunting so I try and find gear that carry's over for multiple uses and spend to get it light. I even keep my bag in the truck, I have spent a night on a logging road way out with a cut axle and although I wasn't in danger it could have been bad if low on gas in cold weather.

I attended the pathfinder survival school to get an idea how to use the outdoor skills I thought I had my whole life and it was an eye opener for sure.

I keep two cutting tools, a heavy Bussy knife and my havalon knife
A good compass with sighting mirror
A ss container, I use the 44oz clean canteen. good for water, making char cloth cooking, boiling etc...
Cordage some of it 550 some bank line
A tarp with orange on one side, reflective on the other
Three short bungees
A full change under layers, poly pro and wool socks, gloves, hat
Gortex rain jacket
3L platypus bladder
MSR water filter, iodine
Snow peak micro stove and fuel canister
3 large moutian house meals
3 cliff bars
cotton bandana for char cloth, head wrap etc...
Gerber strike force, lighter, tender, pen flares
Folding Gerber saw
small very tech med kit, I am EMT, SAR and wilderness med trained
space blanket
GPS and spot SOS
All in a water proof pack

About 20lbs total dry, most of it is tech gear and super light weight hiking stuff. Gear has come a long way for sure. I can walk all day with it and a rifle and never know its there. like my instructor said you have to make do with what you have with you so if its good and needed get a gym membership if its to heavy or stay home!

If spike camping I have the tent or bivi, sleeping bag, pad maybe more food but the above goes with me every time I go out no question.

Anything else I can either make of make due without IMO. I always have at least a handgun and spare ammo, most times a rifle to.
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Unread 01-08-2012, 02:09 PM
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Re: Survival gear

I carry essentially the same as tikkamike. I do however carry a set of Gortex rain gear from my first day in the field to the last. The GPS is a wonderful tool but as pointed out I also carry a compass.
Like LRT, "My cardinal rule is to never leave the truck, trailhead, ATV or camp without my pack" it will do you no good what so ever in the back of the truck. In addition whether I need it or not I always GPS my jumpoff spot when I leave. I have needed it a couple of times in the dark in unfamilar country.
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Unread 01-08-2012, 09:16 PM
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Re: Survival gear

Great thread, I have posted this on lots of forums and gotten more ideas on what to carry. My lists keeps getting upgraded as I get better or lighter gear. Here are my current lists, the pocket kit, the bag that is always in my daypack, and the items I add for western hunts, bad weather, or coonhunting. These are in addition to my regular hunting gear. I counted GPS, clothes, knife, food, water bottle, etc as hunting gear not survival gear.

Altoids tin pocket kit (4.4oz total)
-Reynolds oven bag (water boiling & storage)
-small firesteel & striker
-small bic lighter
-2 vaseline coated cotton balls
-fish hooks 6 small 6 medium
-fishing line 30ft 25lb Big Game
-repair needle to fit fishing line
-15ft green 152lb braided nylon bank line
-Leatherman mini (blade, scissors,tweezers, file)
-Leatherman mini flashlight (batteries backward, 30hr life)
-4 1qt water purification tablets
-6 18" 30lb wire fishing leaders (snares)

Full-time daypack kit (2lb 4oz)
-spare wool socks
-Adventure medical heatsheets bivy the (3.8oz one)
-MPI red/silver hooded space blanket 5'x7' (tarp, poncho, or blanket)
-bandana (red for signal, pre-filter water etc)
-Mammut S-lite headlamp (1 AA lithium battery, 60hr life, 2oz) (this is part of the kit, and in addition to the bigger headlamp I count as hunting gear)
-Victorionox trekker knife (decent saw, 4" un-serrated blade, tools)
-little whistle from my Bear Grylls knife
-fire kit: firesteel, lighter, vaseline coated cotton balls, 2oz bottle coglans fire paste, 4 wetfire cubes
-50ft roll 2" duck tape
-frontier water filter straw
-4 tabs potable aqua
-30yds 152lb bank line
-15yds 350lb bank line
-blank CD (signalling)
-little bag with 12 leader snares & 30ft 25lb fishing line, 12 hooks, repair needle)
Medical: (stop bleeding, make splints)
-quick clot sponge
-1 roll hot pink vetwrap (bandaging with duck tape, marking trail, etc)
-small tube neosporin
-4 3"x3" gauze pads
-rubber glove
-6 pills immodium
-2 pills claritin
-1 packet sunscreen
-1 packet lip balm
-4 safety pins
-1 antiseptic towlette

Additional gear for western hunts
-Kifaru paratarp with 10 1/2oz aluminum stakes (18.4oz total)
-50ft bright yellow paracord
-cheap thin silver space blanket (for using as a reflector for fire heat, or for my hunting buddy who didn't bring one)
-Snow peak titanium mug (12.9oz total) with:
-esbit stove (4 fuel tabs)
-2 oatmeal packets
-6 tea bags
-cut down spork
-1ftx2ft aluminum foil folded down
- Bic lighter

My survival gear adds up to about 4.5lbs when packing it all, but it's really not much weight when you look at what it includes. The Kifaru paratarp was expensive, but it's sure quick to put up and big enough to have plenty of room to keep me and my gear dry. The stakes add 5oz for it, but are way quicker than trying to cut them if a rain is coming. I also have the larger 9oz SOL thermal bivy or a little 1lb fleece sleeping bag I can stick inside the bivy sacks I can throw in if I feel it's needed. I've stayed out testing my kit at temps right at freezing and have been fine, and that was with a ponch lean to instead of the paratarp. I figure anytime I'm leaving a trail for a long dayhunt I want to have enough gear to spend the night if I decide to hunt until dark, or kill miles from anywhere. I took the fishing and snare kits out for a while, but then I weighed them and threw them back in. They don't take up much room and don't weigh 1.5oz all together.
I make sure to test everything before I add it to the pack. I'll also go out to one of our pastures at least a couple times a year with 30-45 minutes of light left and make a quick camp. I feel it's important to be familiar with my gear so I don't waste precious time and energy getting set up to ride out a storm or spend a night out. I know people who carry gear that they have never tried to use and that's not for me.

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Unread 01-08-2012, 10:26 PM
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Re: Survival gear

I always carry a compass and a whistle in my pants pockets. In my pack I always have a space blanket, at least two ways to make fire, dryer lint soaked with parrifin. I keep a knife in my backpack, one in my pocket and one in my fanny pack. I have lapsed in my waterpurification pills--I usually always have one or two ways to make drinkable water...

Matt Roth
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