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Light weight midrange rifle ??'s

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Unread 10-11-2013, 05:45 PM
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Re: Light weight midrange rifle ??'s

I have a Ruger American in 270 win. It averages .625" 3 shot groups with my handloaded 140gr accubonds. 5 shot groups open up as the barrel heats up quick, at least in the temperatures I've been able to test it at so far. These are great rifles for the money, only complaint I have is the flimsy forend that can contact the barrel with bipod pressure. So far it hasn't caused any change in the POI out to 500yds though. I'd recommend getting one of these now with a Vortex Diamondback BDC scope and if you decide to get a Kimber later it can always be a back-up.

I still want an 84L Montana in 280 Ackley, make the Ruger my back-up for steep country hunts.
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Unread 01-18-2014, 05:49 AM
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Re: Light weight midrange rifle ??'s

I would look at Remington 700 Mountain LSS. It can be in 3006 or 270win. Laminated stock, stainless steel and light weight are very good for backpack hunting in my opinion.
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Unread 01-18-2014, 05:42 PM
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Re: Light weight midrange rifle ??'s UPDATE:

I just purchased a new Ruger American in 22-250 for coyote hunting.

It is well designed and "inexpensively made" (i,e, NOT cheaply made)

And it's light.

It comes in 30-06, .270 Win., .308, .243 and several other popular calibers.

Many great features that put it a few rungs above the Savage version. It's clear that Ruger copied the Savage stock almost entirely.

-> Ruger uses an innovative aluminum block V bedding system that also houses the pillars for the two action bolts. The V blocks mate with machined V cuts in the bottom of the reciever for a fit that does not require a barrel recoil lug.

-> 3 lug bolt with 70 degree bolt lift

-> VERY good and adjustable trigger

-> 4 round flush fitting rotary magazine

-> tang safety and trigger blade safety

-> hammer forged barrel

I have not had time yet to sight it in with my old Burris Fulfield 6-18X target scope. I'm hoping for 3/4 MOA accuracy with the right load.
More on accuracy later.
"There are no comfortable packs, only packs that are less uncomfortable than others."
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Unread 01-19-2014, 09:07 AM
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Re: Light weight midrange rifle ??'s

My vote would be Kimber first,Tikka to save a little $ and if $ is not an issue(I've never experienced this) than I'd get a Sako
*I used to always say Savage but their prices have gone up to where I think they cost more than Tikka
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Unread 01-19-2014, 08:41 PM
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Re: Light weight midrange rifle ??'s

Get Tika T3 and if you want a different caliber look at the .300 WSM. At 500 and under the 06 will do just fine. The trigger is good on the T3 and they generally shoot quite well. They are also relatively light weight. Bruce
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Unread 02-05-2014, 11:31 AM
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Re: Light weight midrange rifle ??'s

Tikka T3 Superlite.... Tikka builds a awesome rifle for the money I own several T3 lites and they all shoot. My next purchase for a rifle will be the superlite I back pack hunt early rifle here in WA and we backpack in a ways so the heavy guns are out for me. I still love my 338 lapua and 30O RUM but 12-14 lb guns get alot heavier to me after packing in 10-12 miles...
My 10yr olds first whitetail 44 Mag 80 yds heart shot she made Daddy as proud as her...
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Unread 02-12-2014, 07:48 PM
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Re: Light weight midrange rifle ??'s

I agree that a Tikka T3 would be both lightweight and plenty accurate out to 500 yards. I would recommend a Savage, but they are not as light although they are very accurate.

Whatever you choose, I would highly recommend you get a stainless action/barrel for backpack hunting. Even in good weather everything is wet in the morning with dew.
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