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high altitude stove

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Unread 01-13-2013, 10:36 PM
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Re: high altitude stove

I have used the Jetboil now for about five years and love it. I have used it with temps below zero and at altitudes of 11,000 feet. It is by far the most efficient stoves I have ever used; very easy of fuel.
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Unread 01-23-2013, 08:08 AM
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Re: high altitude stove

Another vote for Jet Boil. I used mine several times last fall to boil water for lunch during Colorado 2nd rifle. 11,000 to 11,700 ft elevation. Temps in the teens to low twenties. Only issue I have is the piezo igniter. I have a hard time lighting it even in my kitchen. Always take a lighter in my pocket for the stove. Carry it in my day pack. No pre-warming the cannister. No issues.

I tend to hunt solo. Even tho I am only day packing, a warm meal and a hot cup of coffee makes for a pleasant attitude boost in the middle of the day....
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Unread 01-23-2013, 09:26 PM
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Re: high altitude stove

I've used my Jet Boil for the past two hunting seasons. This past year was the real test. Our elk camp was pitched almost 10K feet and my JB stove was unaffected when used in temps in the low teens. In fact, i left it out in the cold all night on one occasion and was sure it would not light the next morning, but it worked just fine. The Jet Boil is a fine stove and is very efficient.
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Unread 01-24-2013, 06:31 AM
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Re: high altitude stove

I have the Primus Omni-fuel (Primus Omni-Fuel Stove) designed for extreme altitudes and both high and low temperatures.


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Unread 02-01-2013, 07:41 AM
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Re: high altitude stove

For reliability and convenience when packing you can't go wrong with a home made alcohol stove. I use heat can find it at any auto parts store 2 oz will burn around 15 mins. The one I made is out of aluminum Budweiser bottle and I love it, carried both my msr and home made for years but the only one I take anymore is my home made job
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Unread 03-11-2013, 11:25 AM
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Re: high altitude stove

+1 omni-fuel..

Ok, Iím going to put my 2c in, even though its late for this thread, but I was just using an OmniFuel stove made by Primus a few days ago in 35 deg.. This thing is a multi-fuel stove, can use butane/propane gas, or liquid fuel(white gas), or even diesel/petro and gasoline. It is a backpacking stove, is very light and compact. Some guys on here have said they have no problems using gas/butane fuel in cold conditions, but from what Iíve read the gas fuel has trouble burning efficiently when you get down into the 25 degrees area and colder. You would need to carry the gas canister near your body in super cold conditions and shake it prior to use. (I canít attest to use in high alt though sorry). The gas canisters work best, you just make the connections open the valve and poof, your gtg.
The liquid fuel is a great all-time fuel, but really accommodates in the colder temps (such as far below freezing), BUT you have to prime the burner to get it hot enough to get it torched up.. you also have to carry a fuel bottle which comes in .35 or .6 or 1.0 Liter bottles, which still are no big deals.., I used the .6 L and is still pretty compact. The system is EXTREMELY versatile and WORKS GREAT in all conditions, even in windy conditions. The omni fuel in my opinion is just an all-round great system. The jet on this thing is great , I just donít see a huge downside to this system, Iím sure there are others that are very good, but this thing is built like a tank, yet light and compact. I would recommend to ANYONE ! anyways thatís just my 2cent review.
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Unread 03-12-2013, 12:51 PM
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Re: high altitude stove

I buoght a msr xgk in 1979 in alaska the stove is still running strong its needed a couple of o rings over the last 30 years but thats an easy fix its performance in artic camping has been awsome most propane stoves suck at -20 or colder its been sheep hunting in the brooks range and the alaska range that stove has sold many xgk stoves to others who have been around it, it performs that good and at 34 years old it still performs comparible to anything you can buy today
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