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Blister Prevention

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Unread 08-21-2009, 11:27 PM
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Re: Blister Prevention

for me i have just used tape i like to tape them just as they are forming or before i use medical tape but hockey tape also works and if i dont get tape on right away i will cut small stripes of mole skin to go around the blister and tape over
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Unread 08-22-2009, 02:57 PM
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Re: Blister Prevention

I have put in several thousand miles hiking in the Rockies and Appalachian mountains, and spent several years buying timber in western VA and southern WV. My answer is simple but not necessarily cheap.

I wear a set of polypropolene liner socks under a paid of Thorlo either Mountaineering or Hiking Socks. The Thorlo socks are stupid expensive for socks but they can not be beat. The liner socks keep any movement of your feet inside your boots from rubbing on your foot. They also wick moisture away from your feet.

The other thing is to carry along enough socks to change them frequently. Ideally enough to change to anew pair at least once a day. If the trip is to long then at least enough to wash them out and let them dry and still be able to change them every day. If you do get a hot spot stop immediately and put some moleskin on it.

Good Boots, Good Socks, Dry Feet, if that does not prevent blisters nothing will.
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Unread 08-23-2009, 09:10 AM
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Re: Blister Prevention

I usually blister after 4 days constant hiking and hunting. It may be a natural thing. Best thing is to be prepared and have those lil blister med sticky things avaiable and use them. Good luck.

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Unread 08-23-2009, 10:57 AM
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Re: Blister Prevention

walk walk walk and did i mention walk, blisters suck if it were me i'd find boots that didn't give me blisters: but if your sticking with those boots and u already have blisters, mole skin can save the day.
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Unread 08-23-2009, 07:48 PM
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Re: Blister Prevention


I too often have blister problems. I elk hunt and guide down in southern NM and in bow season it is often hot, 85 - 90 degrees during the day. My feet sweat a lot and stay wet which makes the skin soft. One thing I do is use a good anti-perspirent on my feet.

Liner socks also help, and I am going to have to try the panty hose feet that someone mentioned.

Be careful about lacing your boots too tight. I used to really tighten my laces and that seems to put more pressure on the heel area when climbing or walking uphill. I still like my laces pretty tight, but loosen up on them a little and it may help you.

I learned a tip from Backpacker magazine a few years ago that has worked for me when I begin to or have gotten a blister. Carry some pre-cut pieces of chamois (the stuff you use to dry your car) or other thin leather. Use gel type super glue and run a bead of glue around the edge of the leather and zigzag back and forth across the rest of the patch and glue it over the blister or beginning of a blister. This does the same thing as moleskin or a band-aid but won't come off in your boot. My feet sweat so much that I have trouble getting moleskin or band-aids to stay on. The leather patch will peel off in a few days with no ill effects. Be sure to use GEL super glue. The regular runny kind is too thin and will soak up in the leather and will not stick to your heel.
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Unread 08-24-2009, 06:21 AM
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Re: Blister Prevention

this may be to simple but it works for me , i carry a small jar of vasline in my pack, if i feel a blister coming on i , coat the area with vasaline , it works for me , make sure your boots fit.
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Unread 08-27-2009, 12:35 PM
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Re: Blister Prevention

We use Duct Tape in our camp. A couple of years ago I got blisterd pretty bad, after a layer of duct tape I was good to go again. I now tape up before I even start hiking, its like a super tough second layer of skin. It works AWSOME!!! I totally advocate it. Good Luck.

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