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Shooting a 223 to a Mile Accurately By Jerry Teo

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Old 01-31-2011, 09:02 PM
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Re: Shooting a 223 to a Mile Accurately By Jerry Teo

Originally Posted by alaska View Post
In the AR the heavier bullets perform great at long range the 75gr Horandy is excellent with Reloader 15 or Varget but these long bullets require hand feeding in the AR......to long for the mag.......no problem in a bolt.

the 75gn hornady you shoot threw your ar is it the 75gn superformance match bthp? i just finished building an ar with 1/8 twist barrel and looking for some range between 500-1000.

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Old 02-01-2011, 11:30 AM
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Re: Shooting a 223 to a Mile Accurately By Jerry Teo

Never bothered shooting on paper but pop can sized targets at 500 to 800yds are possible. 2L pop bottle sized target at 1000yds is what we shoot at.

All sub MOA for sure. Wind plays a larger role in hit percentage then mechanical accuracy.

If you have an 8 twist, I think you will find the 80's nicer in the wind at long range.

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Old 02-01-2011, 01:09 PM
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Re: Shooting a 223 to a Mile Accurately By Jerry Teo

i will have to find the 80 grn and do some testing. i am not much on shooting at paper at all. i hunt coyotes. they are easy to plink out to 500. but shooting and missing at the ones at longer ranges just educates them to not coming into the calls. and in some areas i hunt they stand out 500+. so i have been working on a gun to reach out and touch them. i think i have the optics to make the shots. so im just working on the rounds. thanks for the insite.

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Old 07-03-2011, 02:12 PM
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Re: Shooting a 223 to a Mile Accurately By Jerry Teo

just joined LRH last month or so and am catching up on as many articles i can. yours caught my eye right off. of course i have always wanted to build my own rifle, the ultimate, and money being no problem. something like a 40,000 ft/sec rail gun comes to mind, or laser gun would be nice. but, since money has always been a major consideration, i really got into your article. i researched center fire cartridges, actions, etc. for over 10 years before i got my first one. it was a surplus 7.65 arg mauser for 60$. shot my first moose with it. got a 30-06 and 300 WM for the next two rifles (cheaper and easier to find ammo and reloading components) for a total of 500$ (for the pair) new. settled on 30 cal because of availability of bullets and mil surplus. still have that 300 action with a lilja barrel now. practicallity has been a major consideration along with $ over the years.
i would not hesitate one instant hunting with that rifle. if you look at the sectional density of those bullets they are probably in the range of the 6.5X55 swiss in 160 gr slugs, a very renounded killer. P.O. Ackley used a 220 swift in his high velocity tests and found some interesting things. he was one of the first to recognize "hydralic shock" and describe some of the effects. of course your round doesnt go the 3X's the speed of sound to produce this affect, but Ackley also described killing "jacks" at 5-600 yards with it and the slug was going only about the speed of a 22 mag at that range. they still dropped as if the light switch was thrown off. even when hit in "immediate non-lethal" areas. he postulated that it was the spin that did this. your bullet is doing over 298,000 RPMs (the 220 swift was about 210,000rpms) and that rotational energy and speed DOESNT decrease noticeably with distance. makes sense. i shot my first caribou at about 1300 yds with the 300 WM, 200 SGK at ~2900 FPS and the first had it's left front shoulder and leg blown off, the second, left rear haunch, and the 3rd was almsot cut in two just behind the kidneys. i suggest that is why the impact was so substantial with your loads and why they would be great hunters. in fact, Ackley went so far as to say that if he had to have only one gun that he wouldnt even have to think about it. with the proper bullets he would choose the 220 swift to hunt everything from elephants to "dogs".
as to the critic of your super group--there is so much in this world that is not documented. much more than ever documented. it is the arrogant and ignorant who believe that only documented things are real. do you really believe that there wasnt some great athlete in africa, asia, etc. a poor farmer hunter, etc. who wasnt greater than michael jordon-or could beat him at anytime? or a poor boy somewhere who was an unknown who couldnt outswim spitz. did boone or crocket shoot the smallest ever know groups? hathcock had 97 CONFIRMED kills, but he held a whole platoon down in a rice field for nearly a week, day and night and wiped nearly the whole platoon out. the artillery barrage he called in on the last day, disintergated the bodies and he got almost 0 confirmed kills for that week and his tally. must have not happened then, wasnt documented. his caliber of CHOICE for long range was the 300 WM. all of his sniping was done with a model 70 in 30-06, basicly factory, no scope levels or any such thing and a redfield or unertel ?SP? scope all of which came from a sporting good store in the US. the german snipes in WW11 hold nearly all the world records for "confirmed" data even today, but the russians did almost as well with "lousy equipment" compared to the germans.
so GREAT article. loved it. dont get worked up about documenting everything although i loved it. practicallity means more to me than all the rest. people didnt believe the old sailor stories of squid sinking ships, but now there is the collosus that washed up on shore--several juveniles caught over 60 ft long. the coelacanth didnt exist, even tho the natives said so for centuries, till one was brought up and "documented". the Hittites as far as science and so on believed didnt exist till we dug up 10 foot thresholds in a city in asia minor in the mid 1900's with a plaque stating the city of the hittites, on and on and on. those who refuse to believe something because they didnt see it or it wasnt documented live in a small world.
great job. keep it up. i want more.
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Old 07-05-2011, 01:30 PM
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Re: Shooting a 223 to a Mile Accurately By Jerry Teo

Nice article. I'm going to have to give it a try with 223AI- 75Amax. Sounds like it will be a piece of cake.
To teach those that don't know, To remind those that do Know, To correct those that think they know.
-Helio Gracie
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Old 07-19-2011, 09:53 AM
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Re: Shooting a 223 to a Mile Accurately By Jerry Teo

Thanks for the kind thoughts and continued interest.

As vast as our knowledge today, we know precious little about our globes history. Science is changing constantly and any scientist will understand that fact today, is not tomorrow.

Wait when we find the first ET... That'll be fun.

go out, push your own limits. Limits are only based on our limited knowledge on what is possible.

Have fun and DO document what you did and how you did it. The rest of us want to play along too.

Busy with developing a 223-90gr bullet combo to beat the 308's in F TR. Can't be done, bullet too light...

Well, a UK record just fell to a 223-90.

And so the boundaries change once again.

Fun, fun, fun...

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Old 07-19-2011, 10:17 AM
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Re: Shooting a 223 to a Mile Accurately By Jerry Teo

The science of physics that make a bullet go a hundred yards or a mile are exactly the same and will never change. Technology will create better systems and resources to facilitate "progress."

Shooting is a great sport and I love it. But ballistic myths and magic do not die easily.

But peoples attitudes are changing all the time, and not always for the better.
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