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Reading The Wind by Shawn Carlock

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Old 01-19-2012, 03:41 PM
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Re: Reading The Wind by Shawn Carlock

what reticle are you using? I know some people are coming out with a wind calibrated reticle. meaning if the wind is 5mph there's a hash mark for it on the reticle, it's supposed to be very fast.
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Old 01-19-2012, 04:12 PM
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Re: Reading The Wind by Shawn Carlock

I'm using the Huskemaw scope and it has 8 MOA marks left and right. Also has standard dialing but I rarely dial windage. The wind allowance numbers are on a row above the yardage marks on the turret and are bullet and condition specific. I can't see how the wind velocity could be incorporated into the lens and be accurate for different bullets. The wind hold for low BC bullets can be double that of high BC bullets. Most generic scope adjustments are all pretty effective out to 500 yards but after that you better be doping the wind and other conditions a lot closer if you want to make a good hit. That said , I've got 8 MOA each side but that is only about 2 1/2 mils so the mil dots will give more hold over (off) than the MOA but the MOA is much finer adjustment. It's easier to hold 1/2 MOA than 1/6 mil.
Phil Conklin.... Shooting Instructor for The Best of the West
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Old 01-19-2012, 04:23 PM
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Re: Reading The Wind by Shawn Carlock

I'm not sure how they work. Same with bullet specific reticles, if you drastically change conditions they're not accurate either, meaning from shooting at sea level to shooting at 10,000 DA, it just wont work well. It sounds nifty though!!!
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Old 01-19-2012, 05:35 PM
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Re: Reading The Wind by Shawn Carlock

As I understand it 1 mil is 3.6" @ 100yds. and 3.44moa. Chief you were correct. I had not had my caffeine yet this morning. That right there is proof to every body who reads this thread the value of a mil/mil or moa/moa system. I unfortunately did not understand that when I had premier build that scope for me years ago. I have a 6.5-20x50LRTAC Leupold BLACK RING scope with M1 turrets in moa. Leupold does not offer these any more as I believe they are twins to the Mark 4. Since I am much more familiar with moa I have just memorized what each hash/dot represents in moa but have not found it to be a reliable way to hold for wind (surprise, surprise). I plan on upgrading asap! On my drop chart that I carry I drew a diagram of my reticle with MOA references. Stupid but cheap for now.
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Old 04-03-2015, 03:31 AM
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Re: Reading The Wind by Shawn Carlock

This has been the most easy too follow article I've ever read on wind reading I've been shooting long range for a few years now but I've learnt a Lott from this. One point I will make I was at Bisly ( our national shooting ground ) shooting my FTR rifle at 900yards. The wind had the flags flat out left to right and yet we had to adjust upto 6moa right ! The real old boys said they had seen this only once befor. Then we shot 600yards in the afternoon and had the same again as I had 7moa to the right with a strong left to right wind! Just thought IDE put this exerance in as it just goes to show that even with flags its still exerance that can count the most. With out the help of a cuple of old TR shooters I don't think we would have got on paper. Now I've had this lesson as it were ill be prepared in the futer.
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Old 07-20-2015, 06:30 PM
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Re: Reading The Wind by Shawn Carlock

I am new here and to this type of extreme range shooting. My application for long range shooting is in harvesting coyotes from which I sell the fur. Each year I use my fur check to upgrade my shooting system. What I am woefully deficient in and ignorant of is the electronic equipment people are using to calculate the ballistic correction for long range shots.
My long range shooting to date is to 800 yards and is about as far as I need to shoot. If ranges are longer I can usually get closer but not always.
I am to say the least overwhelmed with all the marvelous gadgetry I am seeing while looking into the subject.
I would like to know what the shooter in the video is using in this regard. Please no abbreviations because I have no idea what they mean. I see what looks like maybe a Kestrel wind device, a compass, and some type of hand held computer. I would like to know the name and model of these items so I might study them a bit. I would like to study their capability and price range so that I may better understand what experienced folks are using and spending for the capability.
My need and desire is to increase my first shot hit probability within the range I will shoot which will be mostly 800 yards and less. Most of my shots are between 400 and 600 yards but I still need everything working in my favor to make one shot hits because coyotes seldom make themselves available for a second shot.
I shoot smaller bores that what seems to be generally used for long range shooting. Calibers I shoot are 22 through 26. Early season see's the use of 22 and 24 cals and late season when the snow is down and things a bit more spread out the 25 and 26 cals are employed.
Thanks for your help with a novice LRH.
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