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Perfect Every Time Scope Mounting

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Unread 11-12-2011, 05:03 PM
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Perfect Every Time Scope Mounting

Rifle cant is a common problem for many shooters, especially those you have a "Natural" cant when holding the rifle. More than not the rifle scope is mounted by eye, once the proper eye relief is found. "She looks pretty good to me" and screws are tightened.

The more sophisticated types purchase the "level level" gadgets and attempt to level the ejection port and top of the scope turret. While good in theory, it is not always a precise way to mount your scope guaranteeing your scope reticle is perpendicular to the bore.

Years ago I developed a unique fixture to "SOLVE" those pesky scope mounting issues. Numerous customers watched me mounting their scope using this fixure and encouraged me to offer it to the public. This fixture is very simple to use and a perfect job can be had even by the mechanically challenged. Forget about fumbling with the vise twisting and torqueing the rifle to level the scope base. We've all been through that frustrating procedure.
This is a thread for discussion of the article, Perfect Every Time Scope Mounting, By Darrell Holland. Here you can ask questions or make comments about the article.
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Unread 11-13-2011, 12:48 PM
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Re: Perfect Every Time Scope Mounting

While this is often a good enough approach, it is not always the best approach.
For one, reticle alignment with the shooting plane is only useful to those who hold-off using their reticles. For those of us who dial, we might not even use a crosshair type reticle, but a simple dot instead. In any case, the 'dialers' need to set the elevation ADJUSTMENT plumb to the world regardless of any reticle cant.

It's a bit tougher to do in the living room. And you really need to set a 'Scoplevel' (the original) on this. But it's only one extra step beyond described procedure.
At a 100yd range hang a plumbline. Clamp or hold solid the gun, or the scope alone, at what you think is level while aimed at the bottom of the line. Get someone else to carefully dial the elevation turret many moa upward & then check your aim. Loosen the rings for mounted scope & turn the intersection(center POA) back onto the line. Set the Scoplevel. Repeat going downward & adjust, back & forth until it's always right.

With this, your elevation adjustment is always indicated by the Scoplevel, even when moving the scope from gun to gun or left on a shelf in a safe. In other words, you don't have to do this again with that scope on another gun, and gun cant itself doesn't really matter.
I shoot a T2K at 7deg cant.

If the crosshair is factory set plumb with the adjustments, that's great. Sometimes it turns out that this isn't the case. Doesn't matter to dialers.
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Unread 11-27-2011, 12:52 PM
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Re: Perfect Every Time Scope Mounting

Are these scope base "adjustment screws" proprietary to hallands bases? I have nightforce bases and dont believe this to be an option. Is leveling the base even necessary? If the rifle is held level by the clamp then cant I just use the plum and level the reticle to that? Thank you
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Unread 11-27-2011, 02:20 PM
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Re: Perfect Every Time Scope Mounting

One step I include that I didn't see mentioned. I place a 4 foot level or any other straight edge along the scope base (or bases if two piece) to ensure the scope bases are in alignment with the barreled action. I am ensuring that the straight edge has the same amount of offset - left to right - from the center line of the bore at the muzzle, prior to securing the scope base to the rifle receiver. I had one receiver where the one-piece base was pointed cattywompus. I had to use a Dremel tool to enlarge the sides of the screw mounting holes in the base in order to align the base to the bore of the rifle. Only then was the scope base able to be mounted parallel to, and in left-right alignment with, the bore at the muzzle.

In addition, I use a 'Vertical Reticle Instrument' manufactured by EXD Engineering. I purchased mine through Brownells. Part number 289-100-000

This tool helps to ensure that the center-line of the scope is positioned directly over the center-line of the bore, at the same time the scope reticle is turned to vertical with the plumb bob string. I try to set my plumb bob up 50 or more yards from the scope. It just seems easier to see the plumb bob string. This tool rest on the barrel and the objective end of the scope tube - concurrently, and then the user tilts the rifle until the bubble level indicates the scope tube and barrel are plumb with the earth. After this is achieved, the scope is turned in the rings until the crosshair is vertical with the plumb bob string, at which point the ring screws are snugged down (while ensuring alignment with the plumb bob string is maintained). And then finally, an anti-cant scope level device is mounted while everything is confirmed to be properly aligned - parallel with gravity.

This method works slicker than snot. And provides high assurance of a correctly mounted scope.

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Unread 11-28-2011, 06:05 AM
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Re: Perfect Every Time Scope Mounting

I bought one of those from Brownells. It's the best 45.00 i ever spent. As said IT WORKS SLICKER THAN SNOT.
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Unread 11-28-2011, 09:14 AM
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Re: Perfect Every Time Scope Mounting

If your scope is accurate at 100 will it be at 1000?

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Unread 11-28-2011, 08:16 PM
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Re: Perfect Every Time Scope Mounting

etisll40, you are changing the subject of this thread...
Should start another

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