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View Poll Results: Longest Big Game Kill With Bow
Under 20 yards 212 6.14%
21 to 40 yards 986 28.56%
41 to 60 yards 879 25.46%
61 to 80 yards 414 11.99%
81 to 100 yards 259 7.50%
Over 100 yards 702 20.34%
Voters: 3452. You may not vote on this poll


Your Longest Archery Big Game Kill

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Old 02-06-2010, 03:14 PM
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Re: Your Longest Archery Big Game Kill

well.... back in 1990... I was bow hunting caribou in alaska with wade nolan, gary beaton, and bob kirshner from Pa. caribou were hard to find on that trip. finally we spotted a lone bull bedded on a ridge top. We spread out and made a stalk on it. I got within 40 yds of it and was getting ready for a shot, but he spotted Gary with a rifle and stood up...which was great for me.. but I didn't allow for the 40 mph wind... and my arrow missed him down his left side as he stood there facing me straight on. He then ran down the hill with me running around ahead of him. When I came over a small rise.... there was Gary with the rifle, getting ready to shoot the bull which is standing broadside about 125 yds. I said.... Stop... let me shoot one more time...and he did. I drew back..... aimed for the vitals and raised up my pin way over his back until it just felt right.... and let go. And once again that 40 mph wind carried my arrow far to the left..... causing the arrow to penetrate the center of his rear leg ham. I yelled to Gary.... don't shoot I got him..... he'll die in a minute.... and sure enough... he did after walking around in circles for about 2 mintues...looking and wondering what that was in his ham. After he bleed out and fell over and died.... I then got out my rangefinder and it said right at 125 yds. Could I do it again...... don't know....but who knows what can happen when pure instinct takes over. It's true guys.... I wouldn't waste my time sitting here typing this out if it wasn't...... thanks.... Dan ... Ps....I use to Co-Produce Quest Bowhunting Videos.... maybe you heard of them....
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Old 02-26-2010, 09:50 PM
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Location: North Dakota
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Re: Your Longest Archery Big Game Kill

Hello, I'm new to the sight but not to long range bow hunting, about six years ago I decided that setting my personnel limit at 50-60 yards with my bow was not of my own doing but had been instilled in me by other bow hunters. All I had ever heard was anything past forty was almost impossible. I'm from west central North Dakota, wide open rolling hills. I noticed that my personnel restriction on range was costing me some fine critters, so I decided that my equipment and practice routine needed a drastic change. What did I do?
I practiced every day gradually moving back, after several months of this I was shooting as good at 100 as I had been at 50.

Over the last six years.
Antelope 80, 75, 80, 92, 44, 94
Mule deer 53, 76, 92
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Old 02-28-2010, 08:53 AM
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Re: Your Longest Archery Big Game Kill

Wow 188 mule..... that is great shooting... and I can see why you would have to incrrease your shooting ability.... and why not.....? Todays equiptment has the ability...why not the shooter. Howard Hill could do it all day long with a long bow.

What kinkd of bow are you shooting.....?

It would be fun to come out there and shoot some P Dogs at long range.....
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Old 02-28-2010, 11:47 AM
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Location: North Dakota
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Re: Your Longest Archery Big Game Kill

I shoot a Bowtech allegiance maxed at 73#. Sight is a PSE F-35 7 pin that now has 9 pins. Rest is a dropaway microtune . Arrows ar GoldTip hunters that first has one inch cut from the back of arrow which I'm told helps the straightness. I have them cut to 28.25" with 4" non helical vanes. They have a white cress for visibility. My broadhead is a rocky mountain Gator which is now getting hard to find. My release is a Truball. Also all my arrows are tuned and shot to find the ones that suck.

The critters and ranges I've listed all have been killed with one arrow except last years antelope at 94. I was on a tall butte in the badlands, he was below me milling around in a prairie dog town at 94, I was in a slight breeze up top.
I held about 18 inches for wind, put my 90 right on accounting for the steep down hill angle and released. Unfortunately there was no wind below the butte and the arrow hit right where I was aiming, Thru his back ham. I made a round about sneek and put another arrow thru his vitals at 50. I've shot antelope at 25, 35, 40, but I've missed more below 50 and shot at alot more below 50 than over 60. My success rate over 60 is really good. Also there is alot of prairie dogs out west on public ground, after shooting my goat we continued to shoot prairie dogs with our bows out to 50 yards lots of fun.
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Old 03-04-2010, 11:38 AM
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Re: Your Longest Archery Big Game Kill

That Bowtech is a good bow..... I shoot a Constitution right now. I killed 10 deer with it last year here in SC...we don't really have a limit out here. I even have some Gold Tip arrows. I remember when Johnny from Utah came out with those arrows...I hunted with him in W. Va years ago. He and his friends were long range shooters as well... but they didn't score out here... not sure why... they did fling some arrows at deer standing in open clearcut areas. That long range prairie shooting sounds like fun. We should trade out some hunting trips if your interested. I have bowfishing for Big Catfish at night off my boat .... anytime..... and then in April.... Turkeys and Hogs with a bow.... and then of course our deer season starts Aug 15 th- Jan 1. .... with unlimited numbers of deer... not rabbit size deer either..... 150-200 pounders... which is good out here were they don't need alot of fat for our easy winters. Let me know if you want to hook up.... later..... Jesus Bless you....Dan
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Old 03-05-2010, 02:17 AM
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Re: Your Longest Archery Big Game Kill

I started my long range bow hunting with patriot and moved to the alllegiance, the patriot was getting tired. Still got him for a back up.
I may have to find somewhere to shoot some deer. Last years winter took out about 60 - 70% of our deer herd up here, then the brilliant game & fish dept issued 40,000 more doe tags this year. Now another killer winter, I really don't know what a guy is going to do. Ten warm and almost snow less winters had our deer population way up there. I would buy up to five doe tags a year plus my regular any deer bow tag. But not any more, I won't even kill a doe for awhile, just not enough around and probably no tags available anyhow. Pretty depressing, on a up note I think the prairie dogs faired pretty well.

My heaviest whitetail up here weighed in at 275 lbs live weight 215 field dressed, got him with my patriot 25 yds off of the ground during the rut. My blind was an old combine. Gross 144 P&Y. My highest scoring whitetail with my bow is a compact 7x5 with long tines that grossed 169, also shot out off the ground at 57yds, forgot to add that one to my stats.

Let me think about the hogs.
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Old 08-02-2010, 07:03 AM
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Re: Your Longest Archery Big Game Kill

Late to the party, once again.

I don't think I've ever seen a "long range bowhunting" thread before.

MY personal "longest" was 2 right at 30 and my very first deer at 42 yards. All shot with compounds. I wouldnt repeat that last one again, these days.

The LONGEST local shot Im aware of was a competition shooter shooting from permanent tree blinds, lazered at 61 yards............and it wasnt his first shot.

He also hunts his own LONG time off limits to everyone, maintained for bucks, minerals fed and all, land and dont let anyone in that dont have a tv camera (and is on some bowhunting programs you would know of).

Not into "bashing" people's LEGAL methods but.......no thanks. It's a sign of the times that people use the multiple, over advertised feed "bonuses" to grow their own so to speak. More and more are doing it and IMHO it's their money, their time and it's legal.......enough said.

But bowhunting for more than 4 decades, makes me an old crudmudgen (that cant spell) and I have to admit the percentage of people responding to the polls indicating kills over 40 yards...WOW! Id have never guessed it......I believe a LARGE percentage of them are out west. OR at least hope?

For me and my methods of bowhunting (totally ground stands for some time) and my 1967 Super Kodiak and 1971 Pearson Mercury Hunter......25 yards is a long shot. One I can make but just get more zippity do da out of one about 15 yards.

Some excellent shooting by some here but when things hit 50 yards I think I can speak for most the bowhunters in the area, and I know a lot, that's considered "gun range".....even though THAT range got pushed out further as well due to new and improved technology and our new "rifle" rounds allowed and the use of specialty pistols.

To each their own, and luck to all, but Ill stick with CLOSE range for the maximum excitement........my main reason TO bowhunt. Thankfully, I have the specialty pistol I can use for my "main meat" or I too would struggle to get "enough" deer meat but Ive done it some years.

Love my longer range hunting with the pistol (actually the LONGEST range LEGAL gun you can use here) but for pure excitement and satisfaction, one average buck at 15 yards will be way higher up the ladder than 8 taken "way out there".

As always, we all seek difference results in our sport. Just my two cents.

God Bless

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