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WTT (Maybe) Complete Gewehr 88/05

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Unread 06-08-2013, 07:03 AM
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WTT (Maybe) Complete Gewehr 88/05


I have enough bolt guns and now live on a working horse farm. Because of this, I'd like to trade off one of my more interesting C&R specimens for something slightly less powerful.

The Mosin with the two-stage trigger, shims, pressure pad, etc is under one MOA now, so this Gewehr 88/05, which is pretty precise itself (excellent inletting, pillar bedding, floated barrel via sleeve method) is simply not needed.

I'd like it to have a good home. I've been religious about keeping barrel under the jacket/sleeve preserved using Fluid Film, which for those who don't know, is a lanolin- and petroleum product-based preservative that I've also found to be an excellent powder remover (not really a solvent) and therefore use it as a gentle cleaner when I don't have to remove metal fouling.

Made in Amberg in 1892, 88/05 conversion. The barrel slugs to 0.318, but the chamber throat is relieved for 0.323, making it a squeeze bore. My handloads consist of a mild 45 grains Varget under 150 grain Hornady soft-points; though if you want the fireformed brass I'll have to pull the bullets and pop the primers. I'm not going to risk any liability.

If you've made it this far, then you're probably a bit interested.

There is no cash price; I would like to trade for something along these lines:

9mm or .45acp carbine. I prefer the Camp Carbines and the ability to take 10 rounds or more. With the Camp 45 I'd just use a 10 round 1911 magazine.

.22 Magnum Ruger 10/22.

Maybe something in .223. Not a fan of the AR platform, though if someone really wants to give theirs up for this rifle, I'd consider it. Something more along the lines of a Kel-Tec SU-16A, SU-16B, or SU-16CA.

M1 Carbine.

Other offers considered, and I'd even consider a Hi-Point if hi-cap magazines are available (are they yet?) I like simple blowback operation in pistol-caliber semi-autos. For a Hi-Point, though, I'd like to add a Mosin carbine stock. I have an idea (fully reversible, you understand) I'd like to try with a 91/30.

Just would like something to load up for coyote within 100 yards (I've got out to 500 yards covered, and that's further than I'll take a shot here.) I'd then like the bullet to drop like a .45acp or come apart fairly easily when striking a hard target.

I'm trading art and long range for a tool practical to my new situation, so anything else you might consider good for this role, I'll also consider.


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